How are Chatbots Boosting Digital Transformation

Anmol Kalra | 9th September 2021

As businesses discovered the power of computers back in the 70’s, they started investing intensely in setting up robust data frameworks to arrange their information. The User Interface (UI), which started as a simple green screen to oversee information on mainframe computers, has advanced over the decades. 

With each development, corporations kept revamping their interfaces and, in most cases, clutched onto their system of records. But now, we’ve entered a new phase, thanks to the evolution in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Mobile devices, messaging apps, social media, and video channels like Telegram, Slack, WhatsApp, and others are now the norm for most consumers, offering swift and convenient ways of connecting, communicating, transacting, and purchasing. The times of clients dialling an assistance contact number and looking out for hold until a specialist answers them are rapidly vanishing. Alike can be said for emailing and support queries.

As the world becomes more digital, enterprises adapt to new advancements that keep up with this evolution. To do this, various industries need to put resources into digital transformation. And a precise way to drive this transformation is through Chatbots.

This article will discuss digital transformation and how a chatbot can be an incredible tool to accelerate your services and increase your customers’ fulfillment and experience.

As the world advances, people opt for visual interaction as it is a fast communication method. Oodles Digital Assistant Chatbot services are based on an Artificial Intelligence platform used to communicate virtually with clients & users and execute tasks efficiently.

A virtual or digital assistant computer-generated character stimulates a conversation to deliver voice or text-based information via the mobile, kiosk, or web interface.

Recent progressions in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are creating opportunities for companies to extend digital AI assistants and aides that support chat-based self-service and engagement models across various touch points in the customer lifecycle. Based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), virtual AI assistant solutions reduce the need for intensive human interactions in routine or labour-intensive processes.

An AI aide can comprehend and react to a client using everyday language, similar to how people explore a conversation. It can understand and respond to a customer using natural language, similar to how humans carry on a conversation. But rather than replacing humans altogether, chatbots can be put to work to swerve and automate common customer requests, leaving complex tasks for human assistance to deal with.

What exactly is Digital Transformation?

Digitisation is usually defined as the process of converting data from analog to digital form. This can be achieved using an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) or various Artificial Intelligence tools like Image scanners, Object Recognition techniques, Chatbots, and more. 

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This concept is relevant to companies that want to stretch further and stand out from the competition.

The world is a place where globalisation and communication are frequently stressed while at the same time making a specific topic known.

Digital transformation is the adaptation of an entity (business) to new technological trends, thus becoming more innovative and digital. The integration of new technologies transforms the way products/services are offered to their consumers, which they highly value. In this competitive time, users are becoming more demanding and losing interest in firms that do not keep up with the times. One such revolutionizing technological trend is Artificial Intelligence-backed Chatbots. 

The investment and updating in innovative solutions are fundamental to have global satisfaction, both from customers and employees.

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Digital Transformation with Artificial Intelligence

As discussed earlier, calling a customer care centre is one of the least enjoyable experiences a user can have with a business due to the waiting time, lack of unclear menu options, and language issues often involved. Companies have long waited to find a more efficient way to interact with the users, and the progression in chatbot technology is finally making this a reality. There has been a flurry of uptake in enterprise chatbots, especially in (Business to Consumer) B2C service industries like airlines and banks. As a result, chatbots are now deployed in a variety of use cases. Taking the example of the recent Tokyo Olympics, where we saw a massive surge of foreign tourists, various Hotels and Olympic committees used chatbots to guide tourists and players with their queries.

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Chatbots were up until recently relied on a pre-existing database of questions and answers to proceed with a conversation, but now with the involvement of Deep Learning and various AI tools, chatbots are, however, becoming more integrated, which will help users give a more person like feel and add to their experience. 

What are Chatbots?

A chatbot or conversational AI is often powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to carry human-like conversations with extremely relevant responses in a natural language tone. Discussions between the user and a bot usually happen via a chat interface using auditory or textual methods.

Bots are usually built using chatbot frameworks and deployed on various messaging apps to converse with end-users.

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The reason chatbots are gaining so much attention from industries across the world because they offer a myriad of practical applications for both employees and customers.

Digital Transformation use cases with Chatbots.

The recent business applications for conversational and digital AI assistants are not just confined to providing services to users but also span the complete customer lifecycle. Chatbots are capable of almost every customer-related query, from engaging with a customer at the first point of interaction in the acquisition process, re-orders a product, up-gradation of their subscription, checking their delivery status to lodging a complaint, or applying leaves. Many different departments in a business, from sales to operations, customer service, finance, marketing, are finding their use cases for executing these AI-powered digital assistants to help them automate how they engage with users. 

Chatbots, being virtual agents, help optimize your organisation’s services, both with the customer and internally. Let’s look at some business use cases for AI-chatbots assistant solutions at different points in a customer life-cycle:

➡  Sales AI Assistant

Digital channels are crucial to how we communicate and explore information. But they are also vital to support a consumer’s decision-making, a journey that often involves many different treads and supporting processes. Converting a customer to acquire a product or service is a critical business performance metric in the digital world. 

A pre-sales AI assistant supports customers and keeps them engaged in the journey towards their final purchase. It offers personalised advice or customized quotes, product and pricing details and answers customer queries. If it can’t answer, it can be handover to the support staff. A digital worker also plays a central role in converting quotes to sales by driving higher conversion rates, improving both revenue and cost-efficiency.

➡  Customer Onboarding AI Assistant

Customer onboarding is a critical step, as it represents a revenue opportunity to enrol new customers and get them up running as efficiently as possible. But, for some industries, this process can be costly and complicated. The customer onboarding process requires document and information approval, gathering, and validation. Anyone who has been through these processes knows well that they often have many resistance and impediments. At the same time, proper proof documents and details must be mailed, gathered, and scanned to and from the provider to gain final approval. 

An Onboarding chatbot proactively engages with customers on a messaging channel. It keeps them updated throughout all the steps in the process, ensuring a faster and efficient onboarding process. The bot requests all the required documents as images/PDF to be uploaded, validate the data and collate all the information vitally. Also, by integrating the bot with the business systems, the data and images can be automatically updated in the customer’s record, eliminating the need for personnel to scan documents and enter them manually. And, like any bot, it can raise a ticket or hand it over to an agent at any stage of the process.

The implementation of more digital solutions accelerates growth and increases the satisfaction of customers and employees.

It’s the right time to consider Oodles Chatbot services.

As you begin your journey towards a profound digital transformation, we expect that chatbots will definitely figure into your path. A reliable bot strategy can help businesses identify the most profitable use case. Unlike other AI technologies, chatbots have typically high adoption rates due to ease of use and quick delivery performance improvements.

At Oodles, we leverage our AI-Powered Chatbot Platform to build custom and robust bots for enterprises. Our readily available solutions include services for industries like:-




Marketing and Insurance


If your goal is to make your business more technologically ahead, talk to us, and you will see how effortless it is to stand out from the competition!


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