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Oodles AI is the artificial intelligence (AI) development team of Oodles Technologies. We are a team of seasoned AI developers working on next- gen technologies and applications. Our AI services include a wide spectrum of machine learning and deep learning techniques to build industry- specific AI solutions for our diverse clientele. We constantly explore innovative AI applications to automate critical business operations across eCommerce, healthcare, customer support, and other global industries. We aim to deploy AI technologies to improve bottom lines with business intelligence and process automation

What Connects Us?

Our ability to make a business impact with disruptive AI applications motivates us. It is a rewarding experience for us to play a key role in our clients’ automation journey right from understanding their requirements to delivering AI solutions

Artificial Intelligence Development Company

Meet Our Core Team

Mohit Virmani

Vice President- Technology

Mohit Virmani is our Vice President Technology supervising a skilled team of artificial intelligence developers, technical architects, and product designers. With an experience of over 7 years at Oodles AI, Mohit has managed the development and execution of multidimensional AI solutions for a global clientele. In addition, Mohit has a working knowledge of recruiting, building, and preparing tech talent across Java, Python, Spring, SQL, NoSQL, and other next-gen mechanisms

Kundan Ray

Sr. Technical Architect

Kundan is our Technical Architect who monitors system logistics including the design, implementation, and maintenance of AI projects at Oodles. With an experiential knowledge of almost 6 years, Kundan is adept at designing complex artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions both on-premise and in the cloud. His technology stack knowledge includes but is not limited to Java, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, and frameworks such as Springboot, Angular, and React. Kundan possesses hand-on experience in deploying ScikitLearn, TensorFlow, Sagemaker, Azure and other cloud-based ML frameworks

Mohd Adnan

Technical Project Manager

Adnan is the newest entry to the Oodles AI team who manages Technical Projects at Oodles AI. Within a span of 2 years, Adnan has climbed up the ladder from a Java Developer to the Technical Project Manager, building critical on-premise and cloud-based AI solutions. With his rich technical knowledge base in Java, Spring Framework, JPA, ElasticSearch, etc., Adnan has grown proficient at designing and building AI applications using Container and AWS Cloud Computing Services

Ishaan Madaan

Sr. Lead Development

With over 4.5 years of experience, Ishaan is positioned as the Senior Lead- Software Development at Oodles Technologies. He works as a full-stack Python engineer and builds business-oriented web applications. Under the AI domain, Ishaan’s focus encompasses AI-based applications, APIs, micro-services, and complex database architectures. Ishaan’s technology stack comprising of Python, Django, SQL, Angular, JavaScript, and WordPress helps him to develop domain-specific AI applications and models for diverse business requirements

Kamaldeep Singh

Sr. Lead Development

Positioned as the Senior Lead in Development, Kamaldeep is a Chatbot expert with working knowledge of NLP and NLU algorithms. Kamaldeep possesses professional experience of over 5 years with a diversified background including finance, insurance, blockchain, ERP, and other domains. His technology stack is rich with programming languages and frameworks like Java, Spring boot, blockchain, J2EE, SQL, JavaScript, and AngularJS. At Oodles, Kamaldeep’s expertise is used for handling chatbot applications based on DialogFlow, Amazon Lex, RASA, and other third-party conversational AI platforms

Akash Poria

Lead Development

Akash is leading the development of various AI solutions at Oodles, serving as a Lead Developer for the past 5 months. With extensive experience in emerging technologies, Akash has successfully achieved a vital position in the Oodles AI team. In the course of mentoring multiple AI projects, he has gained significant experience in computer vision technologies. Akash’s technical expertise spans across Java, Spring MVC, SpringBoot, Hibernate, SQL and building AI applications using AWS Cloud Computing and Google Cloud Services

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