• Chatbot App Development Services

    Maximize digital engagement with conversational intelligence

    Deploy chatbots to automate conversations with users to build lasting customer relationship

    Chatbots have come a long way from being a simple text-based solution to being AI-powered conversational bots. Embark on AI-enabled journey with Oodles and make it easy for your business to support and engage with customers 24*7.

    Oodles expertise in designing and embedding programming languages, smart features into human-like bots simulate real-time conversations, automate high frequency of interactions to improve customer experience and increase sales.

    Revolutionize the way your business connects with customers

    Streamline interactions, automate conversations, and reduce operational costs.

    Benefits of chatbot services
    Achieve transparency in operations
    Improve efficiency of staff
    Reduce dedicated man-power
    Provide 24X7X365 support
    Automate workflows
    Streamline support functions
    Increase customer retention and loyalty
    Quickly resolve customer complaints, queries
    Improve marketing efforts

    Full cycle chatbot development services

    Revolutionize the way your business interacts with customers and streamline interactions.

    Bot Framework Services

    With Oodles’, choose the right framework best-fit for your business as per your capabilities and integration and explore multiple platforms which will help you design and develop intuitive, intelligent and industry-specific chatbots.

    • IBM Watson

      We specialize in applying IBM Watson powered machine learning to respond to natural language, automate data conversation across platforms such as messaging application, mobile devices, websites, etc.

    • Dialogflow

      We assist you to develop the most preferable and user-friendly interface for your business applications and bots. Powered by Google, built on a conversational interface, it lets you connect with users on Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Twitter, Messenger, etc.

    Full cycle chatbot development services

    Microsoft bot framework

    Azure Bot Service offers you to build, integrate, publish and manage chatbots and interact with users across platforms such as Skype, Slack, Cortana, FB messenger, and more.


    Our developer team specializes in creating Python library and running a language independently which enable the bot to be auto-trained in any preferred language.


    Our expert developers help you integrate text or voice-based intelligent bots to easily converse with customers on the different messaging platform.

    Amazon Lex

    Drive conversational interactions with Amazon Lex that helps you achieve advanced deep learning functionalities of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for converting speech to text, and natural language understanding (NLU) to recognize the intent of the text.

    Chatbot Development Services

    Our developers develop intelligent virtual assistants to facilitate meaningful conversation, reduce staff support cost, and integrate third-party applications with leading platforms. Get the most out of conversational applications with our training and support services.

    • Conversational Design

      We offer the best practices to design conversational chatbots using Natural Language Interfaces. With us, develop a bot personality aligned to amplify your brand voice.

    • Chatbot Architecture

      Our developers understand the architecture of chatbot and response process and accordingly build bots considering the permutation and combination of frameworks.

    Chatbot Development Services

    Natural Language Processing

    Our expertise in using NLP enable us to serve a wide range of business needs from integrating applications to semantic search, speech recognition, machine learning, information extraction, and more.

    Processing Pipeline

    Our chatbot developers train models to assign multi-intent of users and minimize the error with a pre-processing pipeline by parsing and extracting features, lemmatization, POS-checking, etc.

    Deployment and Integration

    We excel in offering an on-premise and cloud deployment for chatbots services. This helps in easy data portability and minimizing downtime error.

    AI Chatbot Integration Services

    With Oodles AI-powered services, integrate virtual assistant, automate immersive experience, engage customers, get real-time insights and maintain a consistent voice for your business brand.

    Integrate your bots on leading chat platforms and reach customers wherever they are:

    • Whatsapp

    • Slack

    • Telegram

    • Facebook Messenger

    • Twilio

    Chatbot Messenger App Integration Services

    Chatbot & Virtual Assistant Integration Services

    With Oodles AI-powered services, integrate virtual assistant, automate immersive experience, engage customers, get real-time insights and maintain a consistent voice for your business brand.

    • Alexa

    • Google Voice

    Chatbot & Virtual Assistant Integration Services

    Chatbots for every business vertical

    Let chatbots handle complaints, queries, feedback, bookings, searches, and payment processes.

    Chatbot for banking


    Let AI-enabled chatbots help customers easily retrieve information such as mini statement, transferring money, making payment, inquiring balance, etc.

    Chatbot for E-Commerce


    With Chatbots keep track of orders, manage any product or service related issues and offering virtual support assistants to update information.

    Chatbot for Healthcare


    Our developers design chatbots for healthcare keeping in mind the easiest and most reliable way people can reach out to the doctors by timely booking and sharing health-diaries with doctors. Chatbots in healthcare also help reduce administration cost.

    Chatbot in Travel and Hospitality

    Travel and Hospitality

    We empower the travel business by integrating the chatbots within their portals/systems so that they can deliver timely service, assist with easy travel bookings, payments, reminders and more.

    Chatbot in Marketing


    We provide a powerful bot to marketers not just for communication but also for operationalizing the workforce wherein they can advertise a product or service.

    Chatot in Insurance


    Our chatbot service ensure insurance and financial institutions to transact and process insurance conveniently, settle claims, advise and sell insurance policies, etc.

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