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We enable your business to deliver great customer experiences and become ‘smarter’ by applying AI to your products, business operations, new domains, developing tools, and more.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

We use deep neural network libraries and machine learning algorithms to meet industry-specific requirements with scalable machine learning models

AI App Development Services

Our data-driven solutions combined with AI technologies empower a business to enable automation and expedite decision-making process.

Recommendation System Development Services

Recommendation System Development Services

Allow your business to build user-profiles in real-time to recommend relevant information depending on the users’ interaction and engagement with your business.

Improve customer experience

Collect, store, analyze, and filter data based on user’s activity for a better product, service, or content recommendation in accordance with customer preferences.

Increase sales

Tap into the opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell by providing product/service suggestions based on the previous engagement and behavior.

Enhance recommendation accuracy

Incorporate contextual knowledge such as recommendation output, co-purchase and co-browsing behavior, and other relational information to constantly enhance the recommendation accuracy.

Chatbot and Conversational AI

Power your business with our years of business experience and Machine Learning capabilities to enrich customer service interaction.

Improve experience with Conversational AI

Improve customer experience with personalized chatbot solutions for your sales, marketing, and customer support functions.

Reduce operational costs

Increase your business’ sales and revenues while decreasing operational costs associated with dedicated sales/support resources.

Make your business functions smarter

Enable your chatbot to understand what users are asking, recognize their intent and tone, detect their location to continuously improve service delivery.

Chatbot Development Services
computer vision services

Computer Vision

Automate your systems to identify, capture, and draw useful insights from images and videos.

Advanced AI components for diverse use-cases

Computer vision apps such as optical character recognition, object classification, face/feature recognition, biometric authentication and detection, segmentation, pattern recognition, object detection, filtering etc. to address the business challenges of diverse industries.

Improving efficiency with real time data from images and videos

Intelligent algorithms and softwares to identify, extract and display the pattern recognition information to derive useful business insights.

Making processes automated and flawless at reduced costs

Reduce resourcing and training costs associated with labour-intensive, manually performed image processing tasks.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Analysis

Charge your systems with the ability to understand, analyze, manipulate, and potentially generate human language.

Understand customers’ sentiments

Quickly and efficiently scan through the social media posts, comment forms, feedback forms, and chatbot streams to find what your customers really want.

Make data-backed decisions

As we all step into heavy data future, with cloud-based automation driven by machine learning and NLP tools, easily and accurately crunch data to derive actionable insights.

Make your chatbots smarter

Leverage NLP to build and operate a better bot. Backed by powerful machine learning mechanisms, NLP analysis refines your chatbot to make sure customers engagement has a better progress path.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Analysis
Predictive Analysis Services

Predictive Analysis

Unravel the data pattern, predict the result with advanced machine learning capabilities and make smarter decisions for your growing business.

Smart forecasting

Identify early signs of dissatisfaction among your customers, and address them to reduce customer churn. With predictive data analysis make necessary changes to your business model, products, or service delivery to keep customers happy.

Fraud Detection

Stay ahead of cyber attacks and frauds by integrating predictive intelligence and insights into operations.

Empower your business

Move beyond simple reactive operations and step into predictive activities that enable you to plan for future and identify new areas of business.

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We build highly-scalable software systems with vast integration options.

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