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Client Brief

SecureNow is an insurance broking firm providing commercial and private insurances with risk management. It helps to provide excellent claim support to small business and individuals.SecureNow sustainably distributes commercial insurances by efficient use of technology.

Scope of work

SecureNow team was looking for a platform to excel in the insurance industry. They sought our ERP software development services to develop their web and mobile application.
Developing their application had the following challenges:
● Implementing location-enabled attendance.
● Administering a leave management system.
● Bringing Different Insurers at one place.
● Securing the Admin Module.

Our Solution

Our team of ERP developers meticulously analyzed their project requirements. Using a technology stack of Groovy & Grails, Angular.js, MongoDB, MySQL, Java1.7, and Node.js , we successfully developed the client’s web and mobile application with the following deliverables -
● Configured Mobile Application to get GeoLocation from mobile devices for attendance.
● Designed leave policy and application approval as per hierarchy.
● Developed a single calculator by implementing different insurers APIs.
● Created separate authenticated WebView accessible only to Admins/Managers

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