Recommendation system development services

Boost your visitors experience, conversion rates, and revenue

Enabling businesses to deliver smart, personalized product recommendations.

With Oodles Artificial Intelligence services, develop a high-octane recommender system for your online business to intelligently analyze the user behavior of visitors, browsing patterns and provide relevant suggestions to increase cross-sell or upsell.

Increase sales and brand loyalty with personalization

Understand your customers better to keep them coming back to your brand.

Proximity Marketing Recommendation Systems
Recommendation System Development
After-sales recommendation systems
Display Ad Integration
Proximity Marketing Recommendation Systems
Follow-up recommendation systems
Recommender Engine Integration
Mobile Recommendation System Development
Multiple Recommender Development
Recommendation Systems Integration

Recommender system development services

Machine learning models and technology services to drive superior recommendation accuracy.

Custom Recommender System Development

Deliver a personalized recommendation experience to your customers by displaying relevant products in real-time based on customers’ purchase behavior, past sales data, personal interests, gender, demographics, etc.

  • Recommend related products
  • Retain customer engagement
  • Suggest relevant and alternative product
  • Provide after-sales recommendations
  • Product follow-ups
Custom Recommender System Development

Cloud Recommender System Integration

Oodles simplify cloud integration complexity, eliminate the possibility for errors, minimize the risk and improve scalability with cloud powered recommender system integration. Our Integration as a Service (IaaS) model offer automated and personalized product recommendation that easily

  • Integrates applications and services
  • Processes automation
  • Improve security, reliability & scalability
  • Enables easy deployment solutions
Cloud Recommender System Integration

Build your own Recommendation Engine

We enable you to incorporate Recommender System, facilitate learning capabilities to display relevant information and likeable products to your website users. We understand the intent of both business and customer expectations and believe in building recommendation engine to meet their defined needs.

Knowledge graph-based recommendation system

Increase order sizes, sales and revenues with the right recommendation algorithms. This system allows your business to deduce reference values for the recommendation engine and suggest product based on user persona which leads to better accuracy and improves the user experience.

Feature-based approach

With knowledge graph embedding, deduce the relationship between entities and portray relevant results. Analyze past activities, predict the preference and offer a delightful experience.

Structure-based approach

Get the desired recommendation result in knowledge graph and combine the interest of users discerned from their buying behavior and past activities by using outward integration and inward aggregation techniques.

Build own Recommendation Engine
Reinforcement learning-based recommendation system

Reinforcement learning-based recommendation system

Accelerate the performance of your business by applying the right technologies and algorithms. We enable both static and dynamic scenarios based on user behaviour and feedback. In addition, provide users with some explanation why the system recommends certain items to them.

Technologies to apply data science & machine learning

We empower your business by building a working recommendation engine to boost your sales, revenue, customers, conversion and more.

Build machine learning models & offer robust solutions

We build recommendation systems using different machine learning algorithms and environments that progressively meet your business objectives

Azure machine learning
IBM Watson
Amazon Machine Learning

Our Business Process

Based on your business requirements, we build intuitive and intelligent recommender system.

Evaluating the

We carefully assess the requirements of a business based on their platform visibility, sales capabilities, market reachability, and other related factors.

Building the

After careful examination of your business website platform.

Integrating the

Our service expertise easily integrates and embed the software into your performing website and app.

Testing and

We ensure smooth and error-free functioning of application and software after repeated Shift-left continuous delivery testing approaches.

Continuous Analysis of Performance

Our team constantly monitors and checks the system performance for an accurate and personalized recommendation.

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