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Driving Automated, Seamless, and Scalable Business Interactions

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key enabler for engaging online audiences by resolving common queries. At Oodles, our AI developers are skilled at using Google’s Dialogflow framework to develop intelligent chatbots that can handle complex user queries. Our AI team uses natural language processing (NLP) techniques to process human interactions to provide accurate responses. We provide Dialogflow chatbot development services to streamline response management and strengthen sales efforts

Build Conversational Bots with Oodles’ Dialogflow Services

Standardize interactions across your customer service touchpoints with automated responses powered by machine learning algorithms. We build industry-specific conversational interfaces for multiple digital platforms that augment your customer outreach efforts


Our AI team is seasoned at integrating Dialogflow chatbots into diversified websites by using Google Actions. We conduct an in-depth analysis of business requirements to map accurate intents and entities that support seamless interactions.

Our capabilities extend to eCommerce, corporate, EduTech, and other websites built over multiple programming languages such as Java and Python. With scalable database built over Cloud Firestore, we accelerate real-time customer responses over websites with significant accuracy and efficiency

Mobile Applications

We enable businesses to capitalize on the mobile-first world by integrating intelligent and engaging Dialogflow chatbots into mobile applications. Chatbot app development with Dialogflow provides text and speech communication mediums for customer support, recruitment, hospitality, and eCommerce businesses.

Our Dialogflow services include chatbot development for native, hybrid, Android, and iOS mobile applications with effective UI to maximize customer satisfaction. We train Dialogflow’s machine learning model with relevant data to automate common customer interactions with a high level of accuracy

Messaging Platforms

We provide end-to-end integration of Dialogflow’s natural language understanding technology into popular messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram and Twilio. In addition, we integrate Dialogflow with Google Assistant to enable consumer businesses to reach a wider audience with mobile and smart home device interactions.

We precisely define welcome and invocation intents in Google Assistant to ensure Dialogflow chatbots can provide human-like conversational experience. Our NLP capabilities enable businesses to exchange text and voice messages, images, and files with a one-click deployment process

Benefits of Dialogflow Integration Services

Generate meaningful customer interaction by integrating AI-powered Dialogflow chatbots across essential communication channels

Automation powered by Machine Learning

With Dialogflow, solve complex user queries by deploying natural language understanding that identifies specific user intents efficiently. Dialogflow chatbots become a key source of customer insights that train the underlying machine learning algorithms to generate more contextual responses. We, at Oodles, can overlay Dialogflow chatbots with sentiment analysis and other NLP technologies to channelize interactions for better insights

Scalable Infrastructure with Serverless Applications

Dialogflow overcomes server limitations by providing realtime backend database and backend services with Cloud Functions for Firebase. Also, businesses can create custom WebHooks wherein missing parameters of interactions can be fulfilled with stored responses. Our AI team uses web frameworks such as Flask, Spring, and Django to create custom WebHooks that ensure fulfilling and scalable interactions

Complete Synchronization with Enterprise Data

Businesses can channelize large datasets including FAQs and knowledge-base articles using Dialogflow Knowledge Connectors. Intents and knowledge connectors complement each other to derive precise customer responses extracted automatically from business documents. The AI team at Oodles clearly maps one or more business knowledge base for appropriate intent detection and rich response generation

Global Outreach with Omni-channel Support

With support for over 20 languages and 14 different platform integration, Dialogflow augments customer outreach efforts with ease. Multilingual agents enable businesses to build an emotional and engaging communication channel with diverse customers across borders. With Oodles, create a consistent brand voice across channels with specialized Dialogflow chatbots that maintain language coherence

Future-Ready for Voice Search

Google APIs enable businesses to expand their Dialogflow chatbot capabilities to recognize voice interactions. Google Cloud’s speech-to-text and text-to-speech features handle real-time voice-based customer interactions to improve customer experiences significantly. Our AI team enables businesses to capitalize on the voice-first world by building effective Dialogflow chatbots powered by NLP technologies

Our Technology Stack for Dialogflow App Development


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