Machine Learning Development Services

Automating Business Processes to Enhance Customer Experience with AI-powered

Machine Learning Solutions

We, at Oodles, build machine learning (ML) solutions that accelerate business processes to unlock new opportunities. Our artificial intelligence team develops function-specific and industry-oriented ML models that are well-researched for achieving your goals. We train AI algorithms with historic customer data to generate meaningful customer insights for well-informed decision making. Our machine learning development services include on-premise or cloud deployment options


Machine Learning App Development Services

Computer Vision

Our machine learning capabilities include computer vision development services that are effective at image identification, facial recognition, object detection, and more. We use comprehensive libraries such as OpenCV and TensorFlow to detect real-time image differences with over 80% accuracy. Our AI team uses computer vision’s neural networks to conduct deep video analytics and derive granular customer insights to enhance experience

Chatbot Development

Our chatbot integration services augment your efforts to handle customer interactions across websites, applications, and social media platforms. We analyze your business objectives to choose the right bot framework such as Amazon Lex, IBM Watson, etc. Our AI-powered chatbot interfaces engage customers and resolve routine queries and issues for banking, healthcare, automobiles, and other businesses effectively

Machine Learning Insights

We program machine learning (ML) algorithms to deploy predictive engines across organizations and media channels for better customer data analysis. We build ML solutions to inspect customer records, log analytics, geospatial data, and social media postings to recognize trends and make accurate predictions. We have hands-on experience in using supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised, reinforcement, and other major ML algorithms to derive smarter business insights

Natural Language Processing

Our NLP services enable eCommerce, customer support, recruitment, and consumer-led businesses to channelize critical customer interactions and accelerate business growth. Our demonstrable natural language processing abilities include unique product recommendations, streamlined customer interactions, display ad integration, etc. We process structured and unstructured datasets including social media postings for sentiment analysis, threat detection, intelligent FAQ systems, and more

Robotic Process Automation

Our diverse artificial intelligence services facilitate Robotic Process Automation to accelerate small and large business operations. We use automation tools such as JBPM and Optaplanner to deploy RPA for eCommerce, healthcare, and financial services businesses. Our NLP engines and conversational designs result in multi-tasking RPA implementation that supports simultaneous data entry on multiple windows

Our Cloud-based Machine Learning Solutions

We have experience in using AWS cloud services to develop AI solutions that serve as platforms for innovation. We are skilled at using AWS to improve customer interactions with our machine learning development services

Personalized Recommendations

Provide real-time product and content recommendations, tailored search results and targeted market promotions to your customers for better engagement

Text Analytics

Gain insights and find relationships in unstructured text with natural language processing (NLP) to analyze customer emails, support tickets, product reviews, and social media interactions for sentiment analysis

Conversational Intelligence

Deploy chatbots to serve your customers round the clock and increase customer retention. We create informational bots, call center bots, and application bots

Document Analysis

Extract insights from documents automatically to save time and manual efforts with Artificial Intelligence. Accelerate document review processes to focus on value-added activities

Text-to-speech and Speech-to-text

Accelerate documentation and writing tasks, augment customer service efforts, and reach a wider audience with text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities. We enable you to overcome language and disability challenges

We use Google Cloud Computing Services to develop machine learning solutions for multiple industry use cases. Following are our Google Cloud AI services:-

Cloud AutoML

Use machine learning to train high-quality models specific to your business needs with Google’s state-of-the-art transfer learning and neural architecture search technology

Cloud TPUs

Iterate faster, speed up, and scale up your machine learning workloads for training and inference programmed with TensorFlow

Cloud Machine Learning Engine

Build innovative AI solutions with large-scale machine learning models that cater to multiple business use cases, from building sophisticated regression models to image classification

Cloud Talent Solution

Easily and accurately match job seekers with open positions, make profile searches more intuitive for your talent/job portal


Backed by NLP technologies, we help you make the most out of Dialogflow which aims to define intents in the text, and interpret what a person wants

Cloud Vision and Video Intelligence APIs

Recognize images and videos while labeling them, transcribe speeches, detect faces and analyze expressions, find landmarks and describe the image (e.g. vacation, wedding, etc.), find texts in images and identify languages

Cloud Speech API

Recognize natural speech including 110 global languages with variants to provide personalized responses. We are skilled at using the cloud speech API to accurately receive speech inputs while filtering audio disturbances

Cloud Natural Language API

Define entities in text, recognize sentiment, analyze syntax structures, categorize topics (e.g. food, news, electronics, etc.)

Cloud Translation API

Translate over a hundred languages and enable automatic language detection.We integrate Google Translate into your products/applications

Cloud Inference APIALPHA

Analyze foot traffic in stores and conversions for your retail business, detect data anomalies, process data from sensor devices and identify correlations in real-time, or generate high-quality product recommendations


With Google’s cloud services access and experiment with out-of-the-box AI components

We build and deploy chatbots and virtual assistants, language recognition and translation software, and audio and voice recognition solutions with IBM Watson. In addition, we build AI-powered apps that securely access data and run on-premises, offline or on the cloud

Data Refinery

Use self-service data preparation tools required by data scientists, engineers, and business analysts

Deep Learning

Design and deploy deep learning models using neural networks

Watson Assistant and IoT Platform

Build and deploy chatbots and virtual assistants on a cloud-hosted IoT platform for hassle-free connectivity, control, rapid visualization and data storage

Watson Language Translator and Natural Language Classifier

Interpret and classify natural language from conversational texts, news, patents, etc.

Watson Visual Recognition

Tag, interpret, classify, and analyze visual data using machine learning algorithms

Watson Tone Analyzer and Personality Insights

Analyze tone, emotion, and sentiment in written content to predict personality and behavioral traits, needs, and values

We use Azure Cloud Services to build intelligent applications based on machine learning algorithms to enhance your business. We build, test, deploy and manage the applications to comply with your business. With our Microsoft Azure Services, you can deploy cognitive solutions for maximum AI benefits

AI Services

Use pre-built AI capabilities such as Azure Cognitive Services to add intelligence to customer-facing apps such as web apps and chatbots. Enable cognitive search using Azure Search with Cognitive Services. We build conversational AI using Azure Bot Service and customized AI solutions with Azure Machine Learning (AML)

AI Tools and Frameworks

Use visual studio to create custom machine learning models. Choose the best-suited model for your business, connect it to your database and deploy it with ease

AI Infrastructure

Set up your own AI infrastructure with Azure cloud services that include Data Services, compute services including Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) and AI Silicon support including GPUs and FPGAs. Avail cloud-enabled on-premise services and modernize your high performing applications

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