PredictionIO services

Build, evaluate and deploy predictive engines powered with machine learning algorithms

We have a skilled AI team that has experience in using PredictionIO to build and deploy predictive applications to drive the sales of your offerings. Our predictive analytics services augment your upselling and cross-selling efforts with accurate recommendations


Predictive Analytics Solutions

We explore several machine learning models to build smart AI applications with predictive engines to achieve your customer engagement goals

PredictionIO Recommendation engine

We build custom recommendation engines to improve sales and strengthen customer relations

E-commerce recommendation engine

We integrate product recommendation engine with your e-commerce platform to deliver personalized offers

Content recommendation engine

Our content recommendation engines ensure that your users receive relevant content recommendations with accurate analysis of their browsing habits

Sentiment analysis services with NLP

We build advanced NLP-based applications using PredictionIO’s machine learning mechanisms to accurately analyze customer sentiments for better decision-making

Predictive analytics solutions

Our predictive analytics services deliver accurate results using PredictionIO so you can formulate effective business strategies

Benefits You Get With PredictionIO

Our seasoned AI team builds scalable recommendation engines using PredictionIO

Custom Templates

We develop smart applications with built-in customizable templates that fulfill your business requirements

Dynamic Queries

Our AI team is skilled at developing predictive engines that provide real-time responses to dynamic queries

Data Management

We develop AI applications that manage and monitor your data sources to identify potential loopholes and avert data losses

Availability of Multiple Engines

Our predictive engines extract data from multiple sources for a comprehensive analysis and provide real-time solutions to solve complex business problems

Machine Learning Models

We align machine learning models with your business strategies and tweak them to seamlessly integrate them with predictive engines

Key Components of

PredictionIO Recommendation Engines

We use the following components as part of our Predictive analytics and machine learning services

PredictionIO platform

An open-source machine learning stack for building predictive engines based on machine learning algorithms

Event Server

An open-source machine learning analytics layer that consolidates events from several platforms

Template gallery

A collection of pre-built engine templates subject to download for various machine learning applications


Sanam Malhotra

18th September 2020

Sanam Malhotra

4th September 2020

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