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With Oodles’ Natural Language Processing services, extract insights, drive semantic understanding from large amounts of data by building a system that understands phrases, grammar, and other language nuances and derive insights based on the way people assign meaning to things that they read.

From chatbots to sentiment analysis and medical insights to BI and analytics of unstructured data, NLP does the analytical job for your business. Unstructured ‘big data’ analyzed using NLP tools and techniques creates a lot of room for improving the business.

Understand diverse needs of your customers

NLP AI solutions to support multiple business functions, process workflows, and more.

Recommendation System Development
Decode Customers’ Sentiments
Contextual Interactions
Data for Improved Decision Making
Semantic Understanding with NLP
Structured and Unstructured Data Analysis
Self Learning System
Extraction of Keyphrase
Topic Modelling
Speech Recognition
Multiple Language Support
Entity Recognition

Reinvent your business strategies with the help of NLP

Discover the inevitable benefits to make smarter decisions and improve your business’ performance.

Data Acquisition

Extract valuable information and insights from large sets of structured and unstructured data.

Raw Language Processing

Analyze texts from multiple sources, the amount of information they contain, and thus structuring the information in order to pull out maximum value from it.

  • Determine the text format
  • Extract the content
  • Filter out relevant information
  • Note down the differences or changes
  • Pull out coded metadata
  • Extract token, normalize and cleanse
  • Extraction of Phrase
Raw Language Processing
Text mining and text extraction

Using NLP tools and techniques, we help you extract information from the content that is not tagged although written in natural language.

Entity extraction

Recognizing parts of speech, identifying entity recognition such as any individual, landmark, company etc.

  • Content Categorization : Analyzing the sentiments of any text content (positive or negative)
  • Content Clustering : Marking topics or discovering new trends.
  • Entity extraction : Recognizing parts of speech, identifying entity recognition such as any individual, landmark, company etc.
  • Fact Extractio : Pulling out relevant information to store in the database in a structured manner
  • Relationship Extraction : Identifying the way extracted data is related to relationships with real-world

Statistical and linguistic language processing

Statistical techniques helps in gaining deeper insights along with linguistic processing that enables to analyze a sentence at different levels. The statistics related to it supports the document as it delivers proper value.

Text mining and text extraction

NLP business use cases

Solving industry-specific and business-specific challenges with NLP


Sentiment Analysis : Social Media post comments, product reviews, survey results define customer’s thinking about any particular company, their products or marketing strategies. Analyzing sentiments of such texts enables to plan the future steps to improve customers’ experience.


Intelligent Document Analysis : Identification of patterns in written reports or emails helps in detecting and solving criminal cases. Extracting themes from large document and categorizing it in order of importance reduces human effort and cut costs.


Detecting threats : With the help of NLP, companies can detect insider threats and deter risks with better management to save time and money. Threat detection and management will boost the business’ performance and ensure that progress is maintained.


Intelligent Search and Question/Answer system : Helping organizations prepare about the frequently asked questions related to their business, products etc. and also allow customers to search about the enterprise to get their problems solved.


Aiding E-commerce business : NLP helps in improving search relevance, provide targeted responses and deliver personalized results based on intent of query.


Better customer support : With this you become more customer centric by automatically processing high volumes of support requests, lowering costs and increasing upsell opportunities.


Vendor/legal contract analysis : Perform a thorough analysis to identify any gaps or breach in contract.


Lien/loan contract fact extraction : Manual process gets replaced to derive better loan information for better targeting.


Pharmacovigilance : Helps in reduction of manual efforts by extracting entities from ADR(adverse drug reaction) reports to discover insights.


Recruitment process : With NLP, jobs get automatically matched to candidates to increase fill rates and reduce time to fill.


Oil and gas : Get valuable information from highly unstructured daily drilling reports(DDRs).

NLP tools useful for business

Extract maximum value out of your datasets for improvising decisions

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