Optical Character Recognition Services

Accelerating data extraction and evaluation with AI-powered OCR applications

We provide AI-powered OCR (Optical Character Recognition) services that enable businesses to scan data from physical documents and gain insights. Our AI-driven OCR solutions are effective at digitizing content, capturing critical information, and providing actionable insights for better decision-making. We program AI OCR solutions with machine learning and computer vision algorithms to automate document scanning with efficiency and accuracy

Augment Business Intelligence with Oodles’ OCR Scanning Services

Enhance data capture, extraction, and validation capabilities of your business with machine learning algorithms. We power traditional OCR scanning systems with AI tools and technologies to improve workflows and achieve greater business efficiency

Automated Data Extraction Services

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to improve data capture and extraction processes with Oodles AI. We deploy machine learning models to automate data extraction from structured and unstructured physical documents including-

  • Adhaar card and identity cards
  • Invoices, bills, and financial documents
  • Healthcare records and reports
  • Application and survey forms
  • OCR Scanning Services
    Archive Scanning Services

    Archive Scanning Services

    Store voluminous documents into digital archives with editable and searchable functionalities for expediting business processes. For seamless data mobility, our team uses cloud-based infrastructures to build and deploy industry-specific OCR applications such as-

  • HR document management
  • Legal Document scanning
  • Academic books and print media scans
  • Bank statement invoice scanning services
  • Automated Data Extraction Services

    Document Digitization Services

    Convert written text to digital files with our document digitizing solutions using OCR and deep learning technologies. In contrast to template-based OCR solutions, our team trains machine learning models with dynamic data to facilitate the following AI-powered OCR tasks-

  • Intelligent field extraction
  • Multiple language support
  • Domain-specific model training
  • Extensive digital format conversion including .pdf, .tiff, .xlsx, etc.
  • Optical Character Recognition Services

    Enterprise Applications of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services

    We build and deploy result-driven OCR applications to match specific business requirements from improving employee management to strengthening security efforts effectively

    Applications of Optical Character Recognition

    Digital Onboarding

    We combine computer vision and natural language processing algorithms to extract meaningful information from employee documents using OCR technology. We have experiential knowledge in employing cloud-based frameworks such as Google Cloud Vision APIs to automate data capture and extraction across onboarding processes. Our team has delivered cost-effective and scalable OCR solutions to empower online government initiatives and boost growth

    Automating KYC processes

    KYC Verification

    Our data-driven OCR services are efficient at identifying and tabulating user information from various identity cards for automating KYC processes. We extract information in JSON format and advance model training with machine learning libraries such as OpenCV for fraud detection and compliance activities. We deploy cutting-edge machine learning APIs to enhance multiple layers of KYC automation encompassing Adhaar cards, PAN cards, passports, voter IDs, etc.

    Financial Report Processing Services

    Financial Report Processing

    Oodles’ OCR conversion services accelerate critical business operations by automating financial reporting and analyzing processes. Our machine learning expertise enables companies to extract, maintain, and use financial data from PDF files with significant accuracy and low latency. With detailed model training in different tabular formats, we have achieved 99% precision in recognizing and extracting complex financial data for maximum efficiency

    Healthcare document processing solutions

    Healthcare Data Management

    Our OCR services for the healthcare sector span across a wide range of healthcare services from patient to hospital and insurance data management. We provide healthcare document processing solutions for extracting relevant data from medical reports, laboratory tests, invoices, insurance agreements, and other documents. Also, we can employ open-source OCR solutions such as Tesseract for organizations to import accurate patient data in other applications and improve diagnosis significantly

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