Predictive Analysis Engine Development Services

Attract new customers, retain profitable ones, and identify new opportunities

Use the power of predictive models to make smarter, better decisions and boost your business’ performance. With the help of our predictive analysis engine development services, determine and understand customer behavior, responses or purchases, as well as promote cross-sell opportunities.

With Predictive analysis, we help businesses use their historical performance data to extrapolate and make predictions about the future and take relevant actions. Apart from that, our in-house analytical integration capabilities enable easier analysis of data computation, orchestration, prediction, modeling, reporting, visualization with our big data technologies such as Hadoop and Spark and tools and techniques such as Tableau, Dygraphs, D3JS, HighCharts, regression, and more.

Optimizing business to make smarter decisions

From understanding complex datasets to creating robust predictive engines and beyond.

Create robust predictive engines
Understand customers and what they want
Reduce customer churn
Leverage analytics for direct marketing
Detect fraud
Forecast sales
Recommend products and services
Accurate risk calculations
Enables customer segmentation
Increase production and operational efficiency

Our robust predictive analytics services and capabilities

Predict customers’ purchasing decisions, optimize performance, and improve business efficiency.

Custom Predictive Analytics Application Development

We help you build custom predictive analysis engine to anticipate your business outcomes and user behavior based on historical or existing data, processes, customers, and market trends. Take forward-thinking actions to reduce risk by anticipating changes in trends, resulting in smarter, more profitable business decisions implemented with much greater confidence to achieve improved business results.

Custom Predictive Analytics Application Development

Cloud Based Predictive Analytics Development

Our cloud powered predictive analysis engine development services helps you achieve speed, scale, and agility for your processes. With robust cloud power, your prediction platform automatically scales to adjust to any throughput. Also, it provides a secure web endpoint to integrate machine learning into your applications.

Cloud Based Predictive Analytics Development

Optimize internal operations with machine analytics

Approach to optimize brand strategy, sales forecasting, detect potential threats and more.


Setting a business objective: Helping business determine the big data strategy with our guiding consultation and technical recommendations.


Data acquisition: Applying the advanced algorithm to collate data from varied sources and generate real-time charts for businesses.


Data preparation: Classifying, organizing and analyzing structured and unstructured data to derive meaningful insights.


Creating a model: Identifying the data channels, processing, orchestration, and choosing one or combination of relevant predictive analytics algorithm models such as clustering, classification, regression algorithms, among others to implement data design and architecture setup.


Train, test and re-evaluate your model: Ensuring data quality, consistency and full automation to secure data.

Predictive analytical solutions for unique business challenges

Different businesses have different challenges. Predictive analytics has something for all.


Analyzing the sentiment of customers to draw valuable insight into user buying behavior with powerful technologies such as deep learning and machine learning


Mining data for up-selling and cross-selling of products, customers segmentation, on-the-spot campaigns, real-time pricing, etc. to maximize the return on investment (ROI).


Harnessing EHR data to establish links between disparate data to stratify risk, predict and prevent diseases.

Banking and Insurance

Minimizing network breaches to save valuable information and detect fraud at the earliest stage using analytical methods.


Predicting public reactions and response on social media platforms for better and informed decision making on government-related policies and laws.

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