AI-driven Fitness Tracking Apps for Wearable Gadgets in 2020

Sanam Malhotra | 18th September 2020

Amid global lockdown, workout apps are witnessing an astronomical demand surge among fitness enthusiasts. With an expected market size to reach USD 3.2 billion in 2020, fitness tracking apps are one of the most profitable business avenues today. But what can assure a personalized training experience while promising low-cost and efficient app development? The answer lies with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its underlying machine learning and deep learning technologies.

We, at Oodles, an AI Development Company, highlight how healthcare businesses can adapt to the new normal with AI-driven fitness apps.


How AI is Used in Fitness Tracking Apps for Wearable Gadgets?

AI’s underlying technologies of machine learning and deep learning are the powerhouses of dynamic fitness apps available in the market today. While machine learning analyzes data to identify activity patterns, deep learning recognizes user images to monitor exercise movements during workouts. Using user data like age, body type, health conditions, etc., AI can chart workouts while assisting users in following the same.

AI can act as virtual personal trainers in fitness apps to guide users in maintaining, tracking, and improving their health.

By personalizing fitness routines, AI can assist users in following at-home fitness regimes while eliminating the cost of personal trainers. Best, machine learning models and toolkit can be easily integrated into fitness applications, smartwatches, fitness bands, and other wearable gadgets.


fitness tracking apps with AI

Leading fitness apps embed AI for offering users an interactive workout experience while tracking motions and health data as tried by BBC’s Chris Fox.


Here are some effective features of AI-based fitness tracking apps-

a) Personalized fitness coaching for professionals and beginners

b) 24/7 availability across devices

c) Conversational AI powers human-like interactions

d) Real-time performance monitoring and analytics

e) Constant updates in workouts based on past data, efforts, and more.

Let’s explore how fitness companies can use AI and machine learning to build intelligent fitness tracking apps through simplified development processes.


Top-notch Fitness Tracking Apps Powered by AI in 2020

1) AI for HIIT and Activity Tracking 

HIIT or High-intensity Interval Training is a cardio-specific session that involves short but highly exhausting workout exercises. The key is to push trainees’ limits with every set while monitoring performance, muscle strength, fat loss, calorie burns, and more. For this, AI developers propose data-driven predictive analytics services that employ user data like gender, current routines, and goals to suggest bespoke workouts.

With precise data analysis capabilities, machine learning can enhance HIIT fitness apps with well-instructed workouts, outcome visualization, and nutrition guides.

Custom training journeys with AI makes it possible for users to achieve their goals according to their pace, habits, and metabolism. Amid the current work-from-home routine, fitness apps can also use AI to suggest the best workout time slabs based on customer segmentation techniques.

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2) Deep Learning for Motion Tracking

While deep learning is best known for face recognition and object detection, businesses are now experimenting with DL’s gesture recognition capabilities. Especially is fitness tracking apps, body posture recognition can assist users in tracking and rectifying their forms during sessions.


ai fitness tracking apps

Similar to face recognition, motion tracking apps like yoga or aerobics sessions annotate different body parts with nodes and monitor movements.

Deep learning is making remarkable strides in adjusting user positions throughout workouts to provide a seamless, interactive experience.

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Building Personalized Fitness Tracking Apps With Oodles AI

As people become more fitness-conscious, there’s an exponential surge in demand for home-friendly workout apps. We, at Oodles, are a team of AI enthusiasts constantly exploring how businesses can improve operational efficiency using AI technologies. Our domain-specific AI solutions enable global businesses to target and serve customers with precision and intelligence powered by machine learning.

We have recently built a ‘Remote Health Monitoring System’ that uses sensors and other data collected from IoT devices.

IoT fitness tracing applications AI

The solution assists the care-takers of Dementia patients to monitor diabetes, pulse rate, and other body conditions in real-time.

Collaborate with our AI Development Team to build adaptive AI solutions to revive businesses in the new normal.

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