Why WhatsApp Chatbots for eCommerce are Must-have Marketing Tools

Sanam Malhotra | 27th August 2020

Since the launch of WhatsApp Business App in 2018, marketers are proactively investing in the portal for broader customer outreach. Manual interactions, however, cost companies time, effort, and resources to keep communications relevant. To sustain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is offering a more effective, efficient, and consistent approach with WhatsApp chatbots for eCommerce businesses. From automated customer query redressal to personalized product recommendations, WhatsApp chatbots are taking targeted marketing and eCommerce conversions to another level.

Let’s take a quick tour around feature-rich WhatsApp chatbots with Oodles AI, an Artificial Intelligence Development Company building next-gen AI solutions.


5 Reasons Why WhatsApp Chatbots for eCommerce Businesses Prove Conversion Boosters

1) A Customer-centric Shopping Window

Reaching out to customers and fostering relationships remotely has become all the more essential during the pandemic. A WhatsApp business account enables eCommerce organizations to come closer to their customers through a user-friendly interface. However, manual efforts alone cannot suffice a vast network of WhatsApp user queries while marketing products and services.

WhatsApp chatbots present a convenient and resonate eCommerce window for customers to resolve quick queries while browsing new products effortlessly.


whatsapp chatbots foe eCommerce

Powered by artificial intelligence, a WhatsApp Chatbot can quickly understand and respond to customer queries with effective product recommendations.

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2) Makes eCommerce Businesses More Approachable

Today, nothing is more incumbent for businesses than to be available for their customers 24x7x365. WhatsApp chatbots not only keep businesses a click away from their customers but also strengthen global expansion opportunities.

With features like quick replies, automated greetings and away messages, and product catalogs, WhatsApp commerce make customer interactions more efficient.

In addition, chatbot development services for WhatsApp commerce offers features like-

a) Automated, personalized notifications and updates

b) Regular chat invites to encourage query resolutions

c) Quick order placement and replacement scheduling

d) Instant shipment status confirmation

e) Collection and escalation of feedback to executives, and more.

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3) Engages Customers and Boosts eCommerce Conversions

Coming to business, the sheer ease-of-use enables WhatsApp chatbots to shrink the visitor-to-customer funnel seamlessly. Precise built-in lead generation forms easily connect businesses to customers while building a large userbase.

AI powers WhatsApp chatbots for eCommerce to engage customers by sending personalized recommendations of products, services, offers, and seasonal deals regularly. Also, businesses can push automated customer loyalty coupons and create campaigns to enhance customer satisfaction significantly.


AI chatbots for retail ecommerce

Considering how conversational commerce is gaining traction, the Oodles AI team showcases the woking of Messenger Shopping Assistant. The chatbot automatically matches customer intents with the right recommendations and accelerates the order placement route.

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4) WhatsApp Chatbots Promise Secure Transactions

The end-to-end encryption and payment feature of WhatsApp streamlines eCommerce payment processing for both businesses and customers. Transfer between accounts is also an added feature within WhatsApp that prompts chatbots to effectuate transactions between bank accounts.

Two-factor verification and easy UPI linking features have encourages brands like Vodafone to adopt WhatsApp Chatbots for routine customer interactions.


Vodafone whatsapp chatbots

A secure and reliable payment gateway assures customers while increasing brand reliability and customer loyalty.


5) Augments Upselling and Cross-selling Efforts


Intelligent chatbots are, arguably, the future of customer service desks. What tops it is the chatbot’s ability to improve a brand’s marketing efforts constantly. Consistency, affordability, and efficiency are the major reasons why global eCommerce businesses are tapping into the 1.5 billion WhatsApp user base.

Different kinds of multimedia attachments like images, videos, audio messages, and documents offer innovative ways to engage customers for a long time.

whatsapp business chatbots

By showcasing the catalog, eCommerce businesses can proactively augment their upselling and cross-selling efforts by suggesting similar and better products.

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Oodles AI: Building Intelligent WhatsApp Chatbots for Commerce 

As the world grapples with economic crises, eCommerce solutions bring new opportunities for small and established consumer product businesses. However, tectonic shifts in consumer demand and rapid technological advancements challenge businesses in building a strong digital ecosystem.

We, at Oodles, as an established Chatbot Development Company, are making efforts to reduce the gap between businesses and customers through automation. We harness technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) to train chatbots for undertaking human-like interactions and strengthening business-customer relations.

Our capabilities under chatbot development extend to-

a) COVID risk assessment chatbots

b) Chatbot integration with WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and other messaging channels

c) Voice-controlled assistants for Google Home and Alexa

d) Conversational interfaces for insurance, educational, and other business sectors.

Join hands with our Chatbot Development Team to build intelligent and conversational virtual assistants for various business use cases.

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