Building Healthcare Chatbots for COVID-19 Awareness and Diagnosis

Sanam Malhotra | 31st March 2020

An invisible foe has swept the world. Categorized as Novel Coronavirus, the pandemic is spreading like wildfire, affecting thousands of lives across countries. In the face of crippled healthcare infrastructures, technological leaders are coming forward with advanced solutions to contain the virus. To corral the danger, authorities are eyeing potential in healthcare chatbots for COVID-19 awareness and diagnosis. AI-powered chatbots prove an antithesis to the crisis with engaging support, data collection, timely diagnosis, reliable guidelines, and more benefits.

As an emerging provider of chatbot development services, Oodles AI is joining hands with healthcare administrators to automate the COVID-19 screening process efficiently. With a vision to build impactful AI solutions, we explore how chatbots mitigate the coronavirus risk and promote welfare across borders.


How Chatbots Are Contributing To The Fight Against COVID-19

1) Automating Mass Communication

In the wake of an explosion of misinformation across social media and messaging platforms, people are prone to follow unguided precautionary measures. For authorities, it has become extremely difficult to communicate the correct precautionary guidelines to the right audience at the right time.

AI-powered chatbots combat misinformation regarding the spread and symptoms of COVID-19 pandemic. The underlying artificial intelligence development services enable chatbots to circulate evidence-backed details and medically-proven measures to the masses efficiently. With a seamless conversation flow, chatbots engage users to receive comprehensive coronavirus updates and guidelines, such as-

a) FAQs such as “What are coronavirus symptoms?” or “What to do if I develop mild symptoms?”, etc.

b) Quiz on symptoms to gauge the user’s present condition

c) Demographic updates for infection toll and nearest health centers, and

d) Health advisory as issued by medical professionals

The AI development team at Oodles is building a risk assessment chatbot that automates basic questioning with users and issues precautionary measures.

Further, we are enriching the chat with common FAQs, such as-

FAQ chatbots for COVID-19

In the face of poor connectivity, the bot can also send automated messages to users for continuing the assessment process as early as possible.

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2) Screening Remote Patients

As most countries and cities follow WHO’s guidelines stating mass quarantine, it is challenging to deliver proper healthcare services at remote locations. In the absence of medical personnel, the condition of potential patients may worsen and affect their surroundings as well.

With internet connectivity and technological advancements in almost every remote location, chatbots serve as healthcare professionals to invigilate the situation.

By asking a range of questions from age and body temperature to symptoms and travel history, the chatbot screens the distant patients with ease and accuracy. Once the user passes all the questions, the chatbot automatically evaluates the prevailing health condition and guides through further precautionary steps.

screening chatbots for coronavirus

The Oodles AI COVID-19 chatbot takes user inputs through suggestion bubbles to accelerate the screening process and generate rapid responses.

screening chatbots for covid-19

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3) Issuing Expert Advisory

In addition to FAQs and screening, delivering adequate health advisories to patients across borders is an essential factor in containing the pandemic. However, with limited resources and inexorable fatalities, health advisories are unable to connect with the ever-growing infected numbers.

With chatbots, patients can experience 24×7 support for necessary and timely medical diagnosis from the comfort of their homes. The centrally operated healthcare chatbots for COVID-19 use machine learning algorithms to match a patient’s inputs with the correct expert advice. Moreover, chatbots can raise an alarm to authorities in real-time to facilitate immediate diagnosis and treatment.

risk assessment chatbot for coronavirus

By analyzing the patient’s responses, the chatbot categorizes the condition from low to high-risk conditions followed by preferable actions to be taken.

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Combating Coronavirus Outbreak with Oodles AI Healthcare Chatbots

In these hard times, the Oodles AI team is making efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic with effective technological solutions. With artificial intelligence and machine learning expertise, we have developed a diagnostic chatbot to automate and accelerate the COVID-19 risk assessment process. Here are some of the chatbot’s beneficiary features-

a) We used machine learning algorithms and the Amazon LEX framework to build the chatbot’s engine.

b) It is currently in the beta stage and will soon be rolled out as a functional chatbot for desktop and mobile users.

c) Our healthcare chatbots for COVID-19 responses are in compliance with the WHO and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GOI.

We are constantly exploring new opportunities to deploy our artificial intelligence services for the welfare of the nation. To know more about our AI services, reach out to our AI development team.

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