Social Media Chatbot Development & Integration: Enhancing Customer Relations

Sanam Malhotra | 31st January 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proliferated the social networking spectrum across industries from eCommerce to healthcare to media. In a bid to satiate the rising consumer demand for chatbot interactions, businesses are turning to automated social media techniques. As an emerging chatbot development company, Oodles AI is constantly exploring business opportunities using AI’s conversational abilities for enhanced customer experience. Social media chatbot development and integration have witnessed exponential traction among businesses for optimized customer services and communication.

In this article, we dig deeper into the impact and applications of AI chatbots across social media channels for businesses.


How Chatbot Development Can Boost Social Media Marketing

AI-powered chatbots boost engagement across social media platforms by opening instant and interactive communication windows between businesses and their customers. With an explosion in social media activity among millennials, social media chatbots automate hundreds of customer interactions with accuracy and intelligence.

chatbot development and integration growth
Apparently, the chatbot industry has experienced a boom across messenger applications as represented by Business Insider.

In addition, artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) development services enable companies to scale their conversational abilities with self-learning ML models. Businesses can accelerate customer services with the following types of social media chatbots-

1) Entertainment Chatbots

Customer engagement with chatbot-enabled games and quizzes is the latest hype among media and entertainment businesses. Entertainment chatbots create an immersive experience to promote the launch of movies, web series, and new TV shows among the audience.

entertainment chatbot development
Here’s how Disney promoted the blockbuster movie Zootopia with a Messenger Chatbot to keep the audience intrigued.

2) eCommerce Chatbots

eCommerce chatbots have redefined the way customers avail business services or place online orders. The feature of capturing most-probable customer responses in suggestion bubbles enables users to experience seamless eCommerce shopping.

ecommerce chatbot development and integration
eCommerce chatbots built by the Oodles AI team in action.

3) Assistants Chatbots

In a bid to accelerate customer services across borders and channels, a majority of businesses are integrating assistant chatbots into their digital interfaces. These chatbots resolve urgent customer queries, concerns, Q&A, and requests through both text and voice-based conversational mediums like Alexa, Google Home, etc. 

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Business-oriented Chatbot Development and Integration Channels

Facebook Messenger

AI-powered chatbot development has become an indispensable hack for every Facebook marketing strategy. With AI, businesses can optimize their Messenger chatbots using Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms that mimic human conversations in text and voice formats.

Algorithmic advancements and easy integration functionalities have led global businesses to deploy over 1000,000 chatbots on Facebook Messenger by April 2017.


Here’s how businesses can use Facebook Messenger chatbots to boost customer relations-

a) Reach out to potential customers by mapping business page followers and active audience.

b) Qualify leads and automate follow-up communications with potential clients.

c) Complete transactions and online bookings for hotels, airline reservations, and more.

d) Increase upselling efforts by reminding customers of pending orders, pushing offers, updates, and notifications.

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Chatbot integration in slack is popular with the name, Slackbot that automates routine business tasks like email management, reminders, notifications, etc. Artificial intelligence has added a layer of intelligence to business collaboration over slack enabling developers to address JIRA issues efficiently.

In addition to team collaboration, Slackbots can accelerate business performance with the following applications-

a) Integration with sales-generating platform

Slack bots can be easily integrated with business CRM systems, Salesforce, project management systems, and sales-oriented platforms to streamline sales generation.

b) Data Analytics

AI’s data processing capabilities are beginning to drive value for businesses via chatbots by analyzing and extracting actionable insights from interactions. Also, slackbots can create comprehensive reports based on business data shared over slack to better analyze business performance.

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Social Media Chatbot Development and Integration with Oodles AI

Conversational AI and chatbots are the most promising AI technologies for businesses across the globe. At Oodles AI, we are generating greater value for businesses by automating their social handles with our chatbot development services. With hands-on experience with NLP algorithms, we deploy conversational chatbots across digital interfaces and social media platforms to accelerate business outreach efforts.

Our chatbot integration services extend to FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Twilio, and Telegram. Our most recent chatbot model uses machine learning techniques to deliver healthcare services and assistance through a Messenger chatbot. It has enabled the concerned business to connect with patients via text and speech inputs for timely and effective treatment.

Reach out to our chatbot development team to learn more about our chatbot and conversation AI services. 

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