Gaming Chatbots for Next-Level In-Game Experience

Sanam Malhotra | 3rd January 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a knack for staying ahead in the game. The gaming industry has been witnessing an exciting trail of AI footsteps from breaking world records to transforming in-game experience. The AI team at Oodles is constantly exploring and developing advanced gaming interfaces with multidimensional artificial intelligence services. In this blog post, we are exploring innovative applications of AI-powered gaming chatbots to create an immersive and seamless gaming experience.


Revolutionizing Video Games with AI Algorithms

“With AI changing the landscape of gaming, we are revolutionizing the gaming industry with captivating gaming experiences that can’t be achieved on any other platforms.” ㇐ Jefferson Valadares, CEO, Doppio Games.

Since its inception, artificial intelligence has shown keen interest in the gaming industry. AI’s relationship with games has evolved from learning how to play chess to beating some of the best players worldwide. However, with algorithmic advancements, gaming companies are now deploying AI for complex backend processes such as-

1) Creating realistic experiences

2) Enhancing content

3) Identifying bugs

4) Improving player performance, and more.

This article focuses on AI’s conversational technologies such as chatbots to improve gameplay in advanced video games.

Chatbot development services are designed to work with one of the most unique traits in humans, i.e. Speech. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the AI technique underlying chatbots that trigger interactions with humans in natural language. NLP combines Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and machine learning algorithms to understand and process human inputs and provide meaningful responses.

Here’s how it works-

gaming chatbots natural language processing nlp

Innovative Applications of Gaming Chatbots

Providing In-Game Player Support

1)The foremost reason to embed AI chatbots in video games is to assist game developers and players with optimum in-game support. However, unlike traditional in-game support, AI uses machine learning algorithms to inherit human reasoning and logic required to play the game efficiently. Advanced gaming technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are augmenting the demand for AI chatbots more than ever.

Here’ how AI-powered chatbots automate in-game player support-

a) Enhance Player Interactions

AI’s conversational abilities are empowering gaming chatbots to initiate real-time interactions with players for improved gameplay and performance.

b) Recognize Voice Commands

Voice-based control in video games is the next level of immersive multiplayer gaming experience. NLP and speech-to-text recognition technologies can be easily embedded into gaming chatbots for software patches, reviewing gaming stats, and accessing toolkit.

chatbots cortana xbox one gaming                                                         Cortana’s voice-support in action for Xbox One.

c) Improve Customer Support

Mere human support is insufficient for an enthusiastic generation playing games round-the-clock. AI powers gaming chatbots to provide guidance throughout gameplay with 24×7 customer support, instant responses, and lower operational costs.

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Optimizing the Gaming Experience

The gaming industry has evolved drastically from basic animated screens to vibrant graphics, 3D and 4D effects, and powerful action reels. It has given way to the need for robust hardware systems that are efficient at supporting high-definition graphics and features.

game graphics

The evolution of gaming interfaces since the 90s.

However, expensive hardware requirements are turning gamers towards cloud-based gaming infrastructures that provide high-computational powers for a seamless gaming experience.

The high-volume data processing capabilities of artificial intelligence can complement cloud-based gaming infrastructures in the following manner-

a) AI systems can create immersive user experience by enhancing the development of natural-looking gaming ecosystems, character, and avatars.

b) AI’s NLP techniques can improve in-game character performance by providing better expressive abilities to the avatars. With machine learning algorithms, gaming characters can use player data to make self-improvements and enhance the overall gaming experience.

c) Also, developers can integrate AI into non-player characters to make the overall gaming experience more interactive, engaging, and exciting.

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Developing Intuitive Gaming Chatbots with Oodles AI

At Oodles AI, we are constantly exploring and implementing complex artificial intelligence technologies across gaming, entertainment, and media applications. Our AI team has hands-on experience in deploying computer vision and NLP technologies to create a responsive and real-time gaming experience.

augmented reality games Spark AR chatbots

Here’s our AI team at play with Spark AR and voice-controlled tools to build interactive gaming experience. In addition, our capabilities extend to Unity and Epic’s Unreal Engine to create effective filter effects in video games. 

Talk to our AI development team to learn more about our artificial intelligence services. 

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Sanam is a technical writer at Oodles who is currently covering Artificial Intelligence and its underlying disruptive technologies. Fascinated by the transformative potential of AI, Sanam explores how global businesses can harness AI-powered growth. Her writings aim at contributing the multidimensional values of AI, IoT, and machine learning to the digital landscape.

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