Custom Chatbot Development | Business Uses Cases and Benefits

Sanam Malhotra | 18th October 2019

The conversational abilities of artificial intelligence are becoming an essential part of human resource organizations. Business investments in custom chatbot development have generated sales and boosted customer satisfaction significantly. Chatbot app development services are effectively reducing customer service costs and automating routine business tasks for eCommerce, finance, health, and other businesses.

This blog post explores industry best use cases of custom chatbots.


Automating Operations and Engaging Customers for Media Industry

Artificial intelligence has brought an added advantage of deep customer insights to derive large profits in the media industry. It provides contextual recommendations leading to a twofold increase in the conversion rates of Amazon, Netflix, and other digital media platforms.

Here’s how conversational chatbots are empowering digital media platforms to enhance customer engagement and experience-

a) By training the chatbot algorithms with relevant customer queries, businesses can address customer grievances in no time.

b) NLP services can be used to provide a handsfree gaming experience with voice-controlled and facial recognition-based gaming instructions.

c) Digital ticketing windows can deploy chatbots for instant booking and searching for tickets, getting pricing details, checking availability, and more.


How Oodles AI is achieving mass customer adoption for media products with custom chatbots?

The AI team at Oodles uses industry-specific large datasets to train the AI algorithms of custom chatbots.

Below is a functional media chatbot built by the Oodles AI team that provides accurate information for global movies and synopsis.

cusotm chatbot development

The chatbot is built over the Amazon Lex framework with features like voice recognition, Lambda, elastic search, etc.

Besides, we have experiential knowledge in integrating custom chatbots into leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Slack, etc. Our chatbot and virtual assistant integration services for Alexa and Google Voice are effective at creating effective brand awareness.

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Building Customer Loyalty for Ecommerce Businesses

The presence of chatbots on online retail platforms is equivalent to a personal sales assistant in physical retail stores. Online shoppers find bots as active support funnels for-

a) Selecting the right product

b) Resolving order queries

c) Making informed purchase decisions

d) Cashing in on offers and deals

e) Receiving account-related notifications, and more.

On the other hand, online retailers can generate significant business value with custom chatbots in the following ways-

a) Social media bots for Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and other platforms can contribute not only to customer redressal but also business campaigns. Online polls or quizzes, personalized product suggestions, promotional campaigns, etc. can be well-handled with AI-powered chatbots.

b) eCommerce chatbots can be channelized to collect customer data and feedback to handle online transactions and routine requests quickly and efficiently.


How Oodles AI is accelerating eCommerce conversions with custom chatbot development?

We, at Oodles, use historic customer data and behavioral insights to train the AI-powered chatbot algorithms. We combine natural language processing technology with bot frameworks such as IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, etc. to-

a) Track eCommerce orders

b) Manage product-related queries

c) Provide virtual support assistants

d) Update product details in real-time, and more.

Talk to our Chatbot Development team to know more about our custom chatbot projects and capabilities.


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