Assembling an Ideal Team to Build AI Chatbots

abhijit.c | 27th August 2019

The first generation of AI bots goes back to the year 1966 in the form of text bots like Eliza. It was not until the 1980s that AI bots evolved into voice-based bots. In recent years they have become popular as digital assistants that can resolve customer queries and engage with customers. They have found acceptance across multiple industries due to their effectiveness in saving customer service efforts and costs. This blog post explores key considerations for developing chatbots.

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Ensuring Scalability

Chatbot development requires strategic oversight to accommodate future requirements. AI chatbots that can provide answers to basic customer queries can fulfill present requirements, but meeting future requirements can be challenging. The same is true for their ability to handle several customer interactions simultaneously. The architecture of your chatbot application should be flexible to support your growing customer service requirements. It not only includes the number of interactions your bot can handle but also an increasing level of complexity. For instance, if you are a bank, you may want your chatbot to provide customers their best investment options rather than just balance inquiries.  

Involvement of Various Personnel With The Right Skills

The development of an AI bot that delivers desired results is subject to a well-composed team. Here’s what an ideal team is made up of –

Business Analyst: A business analyst is a person who understands all organizational processes and who can apply knowledge to the chatbot. Business analysts don’t necessarily require technical expertise, but their deep understanding of information workflows is beneficial for chatbot development. 

Product Owner: Product owners routinely monitor chatbot applications to improve their performance on an ongoing basis. They represent customer interests to incorporate features that go along with them. Their primary involvement is to monitor the development process and make necessary adjustments.

Conversational Copywriter: Conversational copywriters write texts for chatbots. They are responsible for crafting responses that can seamlessly accommodate computational output.  Their goal is to develop content that is as conversational in tone as possible to keep customers engaged. 

Frontend Developer: Depending on the channel you want to integrate your chatbot with, you may need the services of a Frontend Developer. In many cases, the platforms in which you can develop chatbots provide their frontend. However, if you still need tailor-made frontends, it is good to have an in-house specialist. A Frontend Developer, for instance, can create the front view of the chatbot if you want to implement it on your website. 

Developer: It is advisable to hire developers who have seasoned experience in creating chatbots. That being said, there are several platforms where it is easy to avail chatbots with minimal programming skills. In such a case, you do not need a technical developer. The choice for this is therefore largely dependent on two factors. First, the platform you choose to develop the bot and second, the desire to be able to develop advanced features yourself.

Concluding Thoughts

Artificial Intelligence chatbots are the future of customer service across industries. Ensuring that a chatbot evolves with a skilled team is very important. A team comprising of a Business Analyst, Product Owner, Conversational Copywriter, Frontend Developer, and the Developer must work together to build impactful AI chatbots.

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