Chatbot applications are augmenting customer satisfaction efforts

Abhinav S | 27th June 2019


The demand for chatbot development services is increasing steadily. With an ever-increasing customer base, companies are looking to automate their customer support processes. The advent of chatbots is replacing the traditional way of handling customer queries. They are effective at resolving common issues faced by customers. Chatbots are programmed to automatically pass on complex service issues to customer support executives.

This blog post provides an overview of different types of chatbot applications and their impact on today’s businesses.


Generating personalized chatbot responses with artificial intelligence (AI)


Users prefer texting customer support to resolve their queries rather than calling them. People are always on the move, so they prefer not to call. Also, handling multiple tasks together is easy for customers when they use chat support.


AI-powered chatbots can easily generate personalized responses to customer queries for a better experience. Their capabilities improve with the use of natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. It improves the ability of chatbot applications to resolve complex customer queries. Chatbots streamline customer communications in this manner to earn the trust and loyalty of customers.


Leading businesses like Starbucks and National Geographic use chatbots to facilitate sales and assist customers.



Enhancing the customer experience with chatbots


There are occasions when a company’s customer support team may find itself overwhelmed with service requests. Mishandling of such situations can adversely affect brand reputation. AI chatbots can resolve such issues with accurate and timely responses.


Following are the key features of Chatbots:


  1. Seamless live chat:-

    Chatbot communications can emulate the responses of human customer service associates. It is due to the fact that chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) to process customer queries and provide answers. A variety of tools, plugins, and development services are now available to integrate chatbots into a company’s website or app. Customers face fewer challenges in locating online resources for answers they need. Also, customers can interact with you without leaving their favorite messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.
    In the Facebook F8 2018 keynote, it was reported that an exchange of 8 million messages took place between Facebook users and companies that are using Facebook’s chatbot live chat feature. What is more interesting is, since the inception of this technology, less than 1% of companies that have a Facebook profile are using this technology.



  1. 24×7 support:-

    Customers expect brands to respond to their queries at their convenience. Chatbots can effectively meet this customer demand to resolve common queries at any hour of the day. Due to which customer loyalty and retention numbers increase resulting in better business performance.



  1. Less stress:-

    Businesses that have traditional customer support lines require customers to select appropriate IVR options which is time-consuming and frustrating. Long wait time and late responses are the main reasons why customers refrain from reaching out to customer support. They may instead choose public platforms like social media and discussion forums to raise their concerns. It has a bad impact on brand reputation. Given an option, customers prefer to message customer support as it is more convenient, efficient, and less stressful.



  1. Record information with bots:-

    A chatbot that can fill essential form details is more desirable for customers. It is a more efficient way of providing essential information.


Concluding thoughts


With advancements in AI and machine learning technologies, chatbots are steadily becoming more effective at providing customer service. Their industry-wide applications make them ideal for fulfilling customer service requirements. Chatbots are already producing tangible results for leading global organizations.


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