How AI and Chatbots are Enriching Mobile Apps

abhijit.c | 28th August 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly emerging as one of the most popular technologies across industries. It has gained considerable traction in building mobile apps that enable users to accomplish routine tasks conveniently and efficiently. AI technology powers smart devices to fulfill the entertainment, security, and monitoring requirements of consumers. From chatbots to predictive analysis and intelligent speech interpretation, the new advancements of AI are fulfilling business requirements too. The closest we are to AI technology today is through mobile apps. This blog post provides an overview of how AI and chatbots are beneficial for mobile apps.

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Advantages of AI and Chatbots in Mobile Apps

Make the most of Messaging Apps: Text messaging or chat is the most preferred features of a mobile app. Chatbots make messaging apps more engaging. As a feature, chatbots can be readily integrated and enhance the messaging feature of the custom business mobile app.

Cost-effective: Though chatbots can perform in line with the business requirements, they are cost-effective in building and integrating into the mobile app. Chatbots can make mobile apps interactive with minimal development costs.

Social media linking: Chatbots can be linked with a user’s social media account. Take Slack for example, when one member installs Slack, it gets added to the accounts of other members too, enabling everyone in the team to use it.

Personalization: Nowadays, users prefer personalization, and therefore, it becomes important for mobile app developers to be aware of that. AI and chatbots can play a vital role in providing accurate recommendations. Moreover, you can also provide results based on the user’s real-time location. With these technologies, businesses will be able to acquire data about their customers and recognize customer behavior patterns.

App Marketing: AI and chatbot can help you with real-time demographics which can be used for making robust marketing strategies for your business. It enables you to gather essential marketing data and eliminates errors.

Reduction in the number of apps: Chatbots can reduce the number of apps we use. The apps and websites we use daily are just a collection of information. If this information can be bundled into an app that uses a well-integrated chatbot, it will make other apps obsolete. Services, like booking flight tickets and hotel rooms or buying movie tickets, can be done using only one app.

Landmark Detection: By detecting particular points in an image, AI enables you to automatically read various radiology pictures. AI helps in detecting both natural as well as artificial structures within an image

Face Detection: AI combines face detection technology with deep learning features to recognize faces accurately. More and more companies are using Image Recognition (IR) technology in their security-based tracking apps to verify users by their faces. Developers are implementing IR features in mobile apps to process credit card payments with face detection.

Few Use Cases

Bank of America: The digital assistant called Erica can be accessed through the mobile app of the bank. Bank of America customers can chat with Erica either through text messaging or by voice. The objective behind creating Erica was to build better monetary habits corresponding to investment, savings, and other matters. The bot sends customers messages regarding investment opportunities, debit cost savings, and similar financial improvements.

UCLA medical center: The interventional radiologist professionals at the University of California (UCLA) created a virtual radiologist bot. It provides support to patients and care-seekers by answering decisive questions. The AI-based bot can provide clinical patient information to physicians and provide a detailed patient treatment plan. It can answer questions based upon 2,000 example data points that an interventional radiologist needs to deal with.

eBay Shopbot: eBay Shopbot works like a personal shopping assistant that enables customers to find their preferred products and best deals. Besides using text messages, you can have a conversation with this bot verbally. You can upload an image and ask it to search for products based on the upload.


Quick automated responses generated by chatbots enable users to save time with a timely response to their queries. Adding chatbots to your apps will give will keep users engaged and increase conversions. Further, with the implementation of advanced technologies like conversational AI, it is possible to create an amazing user interface. 

AI-powered chatbots have demonstrated their ability to handle queries and keep customers engaged at every stage of the customer life cycle.

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