Zooming into the world of computer vision applications

Abhinav S | 13th June 2019

Artificial intelligence is a discipline where technological advancements occur every other day. Machines are steadily gaining human capabilities as a result of computer vision applications, recommendation engines, predictive analytics. A large number of leading businesses are using machine learning algorithms to make important business decisions.

The development of computer vision applications is reshaping the future in a whole different way. From streamlining the shopping experience to assisting the car drivers, computer vision does it all. Read further to know how computer vision is reshaping the future with its innovative aspects.

What is Computer Vision?

Technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence enable computers to analyze, comprehend, and decipher images to make important business decisions. At the same time, computer vision algorithms provide actionable insights with in-depth analysis of images. Using these technologies in your business operations can save time and manual efforts.

Social media platforms have become a hub for companies to advertise and market their products. Computer vision algorithms, when used on social media platforms, can bring a significant reduction in marketing expenses. These algorithms analyze the images of millions of users on social media to identify potential buyers for consumer products. They shortlist users who have previously shown interest in a particular product category and triggers adverts that target such users. It results in increased sales and ROI to maximize profits. Similarly, computer vision also analyzes product images on the internet to identify competitors.

Computer vision is the underlying technology behind the face unlock mechanism available in a number of high-end smartphones. The advent of this next-gen technology is also transforming search features by introducing image-based search mechanisms.

Big Data and Machine Learning are the working force behind it

A large number of companies are using image processing techniques to monitor the likes and preferences of their customers on social media. People posting images on social media inadvertently express their taste for a particular product. A computer vision application studies every detail of a picture to extract valuable information. The information is then used to target audiences based on their buying habits. Big data analysis and machine learning technologies like natural language processing (NLP) play a significant role in computer vision applications.

Computer vision applications are fed with millions of images of similar user profiles to process essential image attributes. Sometimes, minute details from the images can make a big difference. Big data analysis eases the work of analyzing and processing images for useful information. When combined with machine learning technology, it extracts invaluable information about user behavior. Natural language processing (NLP) enables machines to detect customers’ emotions through sentiment analysis. The information obtained from image processing can enable you to effectively target your potential customers.

Computer vision is already taking over the market

Big companies like Coca-Cola, Facebook, and Google are using computer vision technology to refine their business operations. Leading technology conglomerates are exploring new ways to transform our lives with computer vision applications.

Google takes full advantage of AI and computer vision for its web and mobile applications. Google Photos application automatically categorizes pictures as per faces and locations. The app also creates animations, collages from recent photos to surprise users.

Facebook is currently working on its facial recognition technology to identify a person’s age through images. As of today, it detects faces when you upload a picture and gives suggestions for people to tag them in those pictures.

Smartphone manufacturers are developing face recognition technology to provide better security features. Face recognition technology is not limited to high-end smartphones like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. A large number of budget smartphones introduced by various brands are equipped with the same features.

Achieve more with prolific vision

Businesses can explore new opportunities using AI-based solutions that have computer vision. AI solutions with computer vision can identify faces and understand customers’ sentiments to offer them relevant suggestions and services. You can build a user-friendly product by looking beyond the images through computer vision.

The technology is already improving the experiences of millions of users in various sectors. It is becoming an integral part of the healthcare industry and is being used for detecting anomalies, and rare pathogens. Likewise, if you wish to offer something different and new to your users, you can do so with AI-based computer vision applications.

The merits of AI-based solutions are proven to be a game changer for industries. With further advancements in the world of technology, many believe that AI and its services will go mainstream in every industry.

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