Engaging Your Customers With WhatsApp Chatbot Integration

abhijit.c | 20th September 2019

WhatsApp is a leading messaging platform with a massive global user base. It is estimated that WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users globally, which makes WhatsApp a lucrative social network for businesses. A WhatsApp bot is an effective tool to improve brand visibility and engage audiences. It can provide round the clock customer support by effectively handling thousands of conversations in tandem. Several businesses are exploring chatbot development services to enhance their customer experience. Read further to explore the merits of WhatsApp chatbot integration in improving customer relations.

Benefits of Integrating WhatsApp and Chatbot for your Business

Enhanced Customer Service

A WhatsApp chatbot can be easily integrated with business applications like CRM and ERP to perform the following tasks:

  • Sending updates on ticket status and resolution
  • Gathering customer feedback
  • Sending reminders, alerts, and notifications
  • Responding to customer complaints and queries in real-time
  • Guiding customers to explore product catalog

Customers no longer have to wait in queues or listen to annoying voice responses to contact the customer service department. Moreover, WhatsApp chatbots are available round the clock, so businesses don’t have to ensure 24*7 availability of customer service representatives. It also saves a huge cost that companies spend on hiring and training customer service teams.

Collating and analyzing customer data

Chatbots are built with a purpose to understand human behavior through customer data analysis. A chatbot can gain customer insights like user location, type of devices, and browser which helps in personalizing. Bot analytics provides brands an opportunity to go even deeper into data analysis. Brands can take strategic as well as tactical decisions based on the analytics derived by bots. The analytics can provide a complete overview of their audience. A WhatsApp bot can interact with users and collate first-hand data for analysis rather than depending on third parties.

Improving marketing campaigns and advertising opportunities

WhatsApp chatbots are effective at promoting products and services. They can advertise upcoming events, new arrivals, new services, and new offers/discounts to target audiences. The WhatsApp chatbot API enables businesses to offer personalized recommendations to customers by analyzing their historical data and previous purchases. Besides, companies can send monthly newsletters and promotional notifications to the customers who have signed up for it. Using WhatsApp chatbot integration, businesses can automate repetitive marketing tasks, enabling the sales and marketing team to focus more on generating leads.

Offer optimum ease of access to customers

A Whatsapp chatbot eliminates the need for customers to download a separate application or visit the official website to contact a business. Customers simply have to interact via a chatbot for WhatsApp just as they chat with any other contact on the app. If the chatbot is unable to resolve a customer’s queries, then it will pass on the conversation to a human representative.

Strong Brand Identity

Giving your WhatsApp chatbot a brand personality (a general human persona) will make the right impression on customers to gain their loyalty. With an established brand identity, organizations can improve their customer engagement and sales.

Concluding Thoughts

WhatsApp is a platform that connects billions of users every day. Consumers are now willing more than ever to interact with brands on messaging apps like WhatsApp. It is now providing businesses endless possibilities for reaching and engaging customers. A WhatsApp chatbot with AI capabilities can streamline customer care operations and improve customer experiences.

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