Setting up Smart Homes with Artificial Intelligence

abhijit.c | 13th September 2019

From smartphones to smart homes, technology is redefining the way we live. The proliferation of IoT ecosystems and devices is enabling smart home automation on a massive scale. Setting up and controlling smart devices is now easier than ever. Using decision-making and reasoning, artificial intelligence provides a better solution for almost all automatic systems. The multiple benefits of smart home automation range from increased comfort and greater safety and security. Moreover, it ensures a more rational use of energy and other resources, allowing for significant savings.

In this blog post, we have explored how artificial intelligence creates an impact on the transformation of smart homes.

Benefits of Using AI for Smart Home Automation

Location-based Control of Systems and Appliances

Home automation products can be remotely controlled through smartphone apps. When authorized users enter a defined proximity zone, smart home devices can optimize the room environment as per their preferences. AI algorithms come into play to automatically adjust lights, curtains, room temperature, and other preferred convenience settings.

Optimizing Energy Consumption:

Technology companies are now developing home automation products with advanced functionalities like product malfunction notifications, energy-savings, and performance optimizations. The integration of AI and ML algorithms into home automation systems can reveal energy consumption patterns. It reduces unnecessary use of appliances and devices. Also, they can limit the usage of products that are high on energy consumption.

Voice Controlling of Appliances/Devices:

Home automation products can be further linked with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to activate voice control features across all home automation devices. Home automation products can be voice-controlled for many functions like controlling lights, voice or video calls, and even placing orders. All of this can be achieved by using a device and technology like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, respectively. It is particularly useful in making important voice calls during a medical emergency to get immediate attention from family, friends or medical facilities.

Optimizing Security:

Wi-fi enabled video cameras can be used to remotely monitor residential and commercial premises using smartphones. Security products like microwave-based motion sensors can detect random movements. They are effective at detecting unwanted intrusions or theft attempts and alert homeowners to take pre-emptive measures.

AI-powered security systems use facial-recognition techniques to build a catalog of known individuals through social media connections and home visits. They enable security systems to identify unwanted visitors. Such security systems coupled with motion detectors, sensors, and security cameras can easily spot a break-in attempts to alert emergency services. Moreover, AI-based home security systems eliminate the need for human monitoring.

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Concluding Thoughts

AI-driven home automation systems provide increased convenience to homeowners as it takes care of their home security and energy efficiency. Popular smart home devices from Google and Amazon are delivering smart living experiences to consumers. AI-powered smart home devices have the potential to bring radical transformations in our daily lives in the near future.

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