Applications of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Recruitment

Sanam Malhotra | 24th December 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to transform the workplace as human interactions with technology become more ubiquitous. At Oodles, we are constantly experiencing a major shift in workforce skills and recruitment procedures powered by emerging AI development services. Under AI, the applications of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the recruitment industry is propelling significant automation across the hiring processes. From resume screening to employee engagement, NLP can analyze complex interactions and documents to accelerate the recruitment of quality candidates.

This blog post highlights some effective applications of Natural Language Processing in the recruitment sector. 


Filtering Resumes and Identifying the Best Candidate Match

Resume screening is the first step in the recruitment and staffing process. It involves the identification of relevant resumes or CVs for a certain job role based on their qualifications and experience. However, the traditional method of manually screening a prodigious volume of resumes is a time-consuming and laborious task.

One estimate suggests that it takes around 23 hours for an average human resource person to screen resumes and classify the right profiles. 

Artificial intelligence is the potential future of resume screening powered by high computational powers and machine learning algorithms. The automated systems can be well integrated with the Application Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen high volumes of resumes efficiently.

The natural language processing (NLP) engines underlying AI can streamline the resume screening process in the following manner-

a) The NLP algorithm uses a pre-defined terminology of keywords such as “AI developer”, “Keras” or “TensorFlow” to parse the resumes.

b) The system then ranks the resumes based on the occurrence and frequency of the above-mentioned keywords. We can use the data visualization library, Matplotlib to analyze and rank keywords by category.

c) The end result is an automated system that can analyze complex resumes and categorize relevant candidates based on specified profile keywords. The integration of AI with ATS accelerates the recruitment process and performance without compromising with the quality of hire.


Assessing Candidate Behavior during Interviews

In the candidate-driven market, identifying the right resource requires lengthy interview processes and a thorough assessment of skills and personality. It results in more and more candidates abandoning the assessment process that is spread across several working days.

HR managers of leading companies agree that the biggest challenge in the hiring process is unnecessary long lead time. 

With artificial intelligence, hiring managers can reduce the lead time taken in keeping quality candidates engaged throughout the interviewing process. AI’s NLP techniques are proving effective for a granular-level assessment of candidates’ behavior and interview responses. Here are some significant applications of AI-powered NLP techniques for an advanced interviewing process-

a) Automated prescreening with NLP-based chatbots

Chatbots are an effective medium for keeping the end-user engaged and cumulating their data for broader assessment. NLP in chatbots can automate candidate prescreening process by asking them basic and advanced screening questions to test aptitude and behavior.

b) In-depth evaluation of speech and assessment papers

NLP-based reading tools can be used to analyze the speech patterns and written responses of candidates during the interview process. In addition, NLP algorithms can conduct an in-depth sentiment analysis of a candidate’s speech and expressions.

c) Transparent communication of company policies

Another significance of embedding NLP systems into the hiring process is their ability to communicate company norms to candidates. The use of conversational AI in hiring chatbots provides an interactive medium for clear communication and contextual resolution of candidate queries.


Integrating Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Recruitment with Oodles AI

At Oodles, we are a team of skilled AI professionals who build business-oriented automation systems powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. We have experiential knowledge in deploying Natural Language Processing algorithms and tools to streamline and accelerate the recruitment operations. Our AI team can automate the following hiring processes using NLP-

a) Quick and accurate resume screening and analysis using data visualization library, Matplotlib.

b) Automated identification and ranking of keywords in large volumes of resumes or CVs.

c) Conversational chatbots using NLP to interact with candidates during interviews to share important details and extract actionable insights about candidates.

Explore our diverse artificial intelligence and NLP services. Consult our AI development team. 

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Sanam is a technical writer at Oodles who is currently covering Artificial Intelligence and its underlying disruptive technologies. Fascinated by the transformative potential of AI, Sanam explores how global businesses can harness AI-powered growth. Her writings aim at contributing the multidimensional values of AI, IoT, and machine learning to the digital landscape.

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