Improving Business Communications and Human Interactions with NLP

Abhinav S | 18th June 2019

Natural language processing services are augmenting the efforts of enterprises to analyze unstructured data occurring in the form of emails, chats, social media posts, and voice messages. As of today, all smartphone users have experienced the innovative aspects of AI in one way or another. Researchers are consistently experimenting with the latest NLP techniques to transform customer support processes. In this blog post, you will learn about NLP applications that are simplifying the user experience and streamlining business operations.

NLP adding new capabilities to a machine

Have you ever wondered how Google Translate works? How it provides relevant suggestions as you start typing your search queries. How Siri or Alexa perform your desired tasks? These tools can cater to your requests due to their AI capabilities including NLP.

The advent of AI has created a new pool of opportunities for businesses to enhance the customer experience. Several AI experts come together to develop a system which enables machines to interpret the message correctly and provide relevant responses. Tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Amazon have built advanced applications that simplify human tasks. Google’s voice assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana are some of the best NLP applications used by millions of users.  

Machine learning technologies like deep learning and big data analysis enable us to derive insights from unstructured data. Machines learn to comprehend human speech or text to understand its tone. NLP also allows them to analyze customer’s sentiments for better strategic planning. For example, businesses can use NLP to auto-sort their customer reviews. NLP algorithms can distinguish between positive and negative customer reviews by identifying their tone.

With so many advantages, NLP is a must-have tool for cross-industry innovations.

Improving communications and customer service with Natural language processing

Emails:- You must have seen the suggestions appearing in Gmail when you compose an email. It is yet another example of NLP in action. From auto-correction to grammar and spelling checks, to auto-completion of sentences, NLP plays a critical role. It is also used in detecting spam emails and moving them to your email spam box.

Chatbots:- A large number of e-commerce platforms and businesses have incorporated chatbot features on their website. Implementing chatbots is a great way to improve the customer experience. These bots function with NLP algorithms to understand the question and respond accordingly.


Innovative applications of Natural Language Processing

NLP has the potential to transform the lives of those with disabilities. For instance, a father whose daughter was unable to communicate due to cerebral palsy developed Livox, an alternative communication software. Using NLP, Livox enables people with disabilities to communicate effectively. The app is currently available in 25 languages and transforming the lives of those with communication disabilities.

Likewise, SignAll is a tool that uses NLP to translate sign language into text. This app enables deaf people to communicate with those who don’t know sign language.

NLP is a useful tool to break communication barriers with people from other parts of the world. Google Translate has more than 500 million daily users, trying to understand more than 100 languages. Translating a user manual to a native language or reading a signboard in a foreign country, Google Translate does it all.

With such meaningful applications, it is clear that NLP and artificial intelligence are influencing our lives for the better.


Industry leaders are making significant progress in improving the ability of NLP applications to interact with humans. They are making a meaningful impact on human lives. NLP has the potential to eliminate communication barriers due to language limitations and disabilities. With more experiments and technological advancements in the field, it is likely to transform business communications and human interactions.

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