Optimizing the Code with Machine Learning for Software Development

Sanam Malhotra | 1st November 2019

Machine learning (ML) is reinventing technology, media, and communications by gradually invading global business infrastructures. The technological advancement of machine learning for software development is deriving significant value over traditional programming practices. Data-driven ML techniques such as natural language, computer vision, OpenCV, and TensorFlow development services are enabling businesses to automate software engineering effectively.

This blog post explores the significance of integrating machine learning into AI-powered software development services.

Replacing the Code with Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is still in its embryonic stage to entirely replace the need for traditional coding processes. Unlike traditional programming practices, machine learning involves training a software model with output data to derive automated code and responses. The ML algorithms study and process the data properties to extract contextual insights and make accurate predictions.

Here is a visualization of ML-based software development in its simplest form-

machine learning services

Building Business-oriented Software with Machine Learning

1) Enhanced Experience with Custom Chatbot Development

Leading businesses are proactively investing in intuitive chatbots to generate sales and boost customer satisfaction significantly. ML application for chatbot development involves training the model with bulks of user data followed by behavioral and predictive analysis.

The natural language processing capabilities of ML process user inputs and apply a pre-defined logic to generate quick and meaningful responses. It leads to enhanced customer engagement that enables businesses to maintain a consistent brand voice and a loyal customer base.


How Oodles AI is using machine learning to build resourceful custom chatbots?

We, at Oodles, train the AI algorithms of custom chatbots by utilizing large datasets with industry-specific properties. 

Below is a working media chatbot model built by Oodles AI that can be used to extract information about global movies and synopsis.

cusotm chatbot development

We have built this chatbot over the Amazon Lex framework with embedded features like voice recognition, elastic search, Lambda, and more. 

In addition, our custom chatbot integration services enable businesses to engage users over social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Slack, etc. We provide chatbot and virtual assistant integration services for Alexa and Google Voice for building a consistent market position of businesses.


2) Improved Security with Video Surveillance

The introduction of AI technologies in video surveillance is unlocking new business opportunities with improved security infrastructure. Businesses can use ML-based surveillance systems for security, staff monitoring, equipment maintenance, and resources and operations management.

Under the ML umbrella, facial and object recognition techniques are advancing consistently to augment the threat detection capabilities of businesses. ML algorithms enable precise image classification with accurate features and object recognition with multiple layers of data scanning capabilities.

How Oodles AI empowers businesses with ML-based surveillance software?

We, at Oodles, build ML-powered applications with computer vision capabilities that enable real-time object detection, facial, gesture, and optical character recognition. We provide OpenCV and TensorFlow development services to improve business operations with the following benefits-

a) Our TensorFlow deep learning capabilities provide over 80% accuracy in detecting image differences, anomalies, and in-store thefts.

b) We provide natural language processing services that replace time-taking manual methods for deep video analytics and triggering automatic alerts.


3) Meaningful engagement with Neural Machine Translations

In an increasingly interconnected digital world, neural machine translators simplify cross-border communications and interactions. Global businesses essentially require neural machine translators to process routine emails and interactions with partners to accelerate productivity and efficiency.

A typical ML algorithm processes language data by categorizing words, removing unnecessary punctuation, stemming, and extract the gist of the speech.


Accelerating Business Growth with Machine Learning for Software Development at Oodles AI

Artificial intelligence and its subsets including machine learning and deep learning are gradually expanding business horizons with considerable success. The AI development team at Oodles applies ML-based natural language processing techniques to build function-specific models for global businesses.

Talk to our AI team to know more about our artificial intelligence and machine learning services.

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