How AI Is Transforming The Healthcare Sector

abhijit.c | 9th August 2019

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly emerging technology that can transform the healthcare industry. AI solutions can diagnose illnesses with significant accuracy. With the latest advancements in science and technology, researchers are exploring new ways to improve medical facilities using AI applications.

The effectiveness of computer-aided diagnosis (CAD), virtual assistants, and clinical decision support systems is due to AI algorithms. From hospital care to clinical research, drug development and insurance, AI applications are making a big impact throughout the industry.

AI solutions enable doctors and surgeons to make well-informed decisions by efficiently analyzing historical health reports of patients. They enable medical institutions to gain detailed insights into diagnostics, care procedures, action unpredictability, and patient outcomes. Accenture predicts that AI applications can provide annual savings of $150 billion by 2026.

In this blog post, we will explore how AI is going to play a crucial role in transforming the healthcare industry with new technological innovations.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Virtual Health Assistants (VHA)

As healthcare technologies continue to evolve, VHAs can proactively assist patients in a number of ways. For instance, VHAs enable dementia patients to stay on course with their medicines by providing expert suggestions. They enable doctors to interact with their patients periodically and suggest medicine refills. VHAs also enable patients to keep tabs on the progress they make towards recovery.

Well-informed Decisions

AI solutions can improve the accuracy of clinical documentation to detect anomalies. It is enabling clinicians to focus better on delivering effective patient care. The applications of AI technologies improve clinical decision-making and diagnosis. During medical emergencies, AI neural networks can provide inputs to treat patients instantly by analyzing their medical history.

Reduce Human Mistakes

Errors in healthcare have grave implications on patient care with fatal consequences. The complications involved in treating critically ill patients create challenges for doctors and surgeons to treat patients. AI healthcare solutions can significantly reduce human errors and doctor fatigue. In addition, studies have revealed that AI and ML algorithms can enable doctors to outperform their counterparts to diagnose certain illnesses.

AI-based Visual Tools

AI technologies can detect and rectify anomalies that might be missed by humans. An AI-powered visual recognition software can use the same technique used by specialists to diagnose diseases 5% more accurately. The tool can scan numerous clinical images and compare them to provide an accurate and quick diagnosis. Researchers believe that the accuracy gap between human and digital eye is expected to increase with further advances in AI technology.

Advancement in treatments

AI is helpful in improving treatment methods and monitoring patient health. It can immediately recognize the symptoms of various diseases, allowing a quick diagnosis to provide timely care. A startup in San Francisco is using AI to explore how machines learn by observing doctors. Instead of analyzing the data generated by doctors, the machine can follow its procedures step-by-step. Their AI records enable doctors to formulate effective treatments for their speedy recovery.

Concluding Thoughts

AI has the potential to eliminate diagnostic challenges to avoid fatalities. Medical care is expected to improve with AI advancements. Diagnosis of rare diseases or the detection of chronic diseases at an early stage is already possible. Since AI solutions can aggregate and examine a large variety of data, they can facilitate quick and accurate diagnosis

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