Transforming CRM Operations With Artificial Intelligence

abhijit.c | 30th August 2019

Effective management of customer information is essential for strengthening customer relations. AI provides an innovative solution to enable businesses to enhance their CRM efforts. It can reveal consumer behavior patterns to understand their expectations better to build new products and features. This blog post discusses how combining CRM operations with artificial intelligence is beneficial for strengthening customer relations.

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The Benefits of Implementing AI in CRM systems

Efficient data management: CRM systems analyze and process data from multiple channels in a centralized manner. AI implementation enables them to provide real value for a company’s objectives. This can be achieved by integrating a resource that enables them to respond quickly and accurately to customers’ requirements.

Optimized sales strategy: Automated data entry and analysis enable organizations to create accurate profiles of their customers who are likely to make a purchase. By predicting customer behavior, companies can take the necessary actions to avoid the use of intrusive advertising. As a result, they can promote a positive perception of a company’s brand and encourage an increase in the number of leads. Furthermore, AI can also be used to analyze customers’ emotions to formulate strategies that increase their level of engagement.

Effective application development: AI implementation in CRM provides intelligent data analytics features to accelerate the development of life-cycle and reduce time-to-market. Furthermore, developers can create effective app interfaces that increase conversion rates with significant user engagement.

Enhanced customer satisfaction: Personalized and quality service is a critical decisive element when it comes to customer satisfaction. Companies can formulate effective marketing strategies to retain their customers and improve their brand’s reputation in the market. 

Sentiment analysis: A majority of customer interactions occur virtually, via mediums that conceal sentiments behind a conversation. Therefore, it becomes difficult for salespeople to build trust and rapport with their customers. AI-enabled sentiment analysis tools can analyze conversations and assess customers’ emotional states. For instance, an AI-powered tool, Cogito, provides in-call voice analysis that enables salespeople to understand customers’ emotional states and respond accordingly. A color-coded meter serves as a gauge to ensure effective communications with the customers. If a customer or salesperson reacts too abruptly, the color changes from green to yellow or red. Cogito assesses several key aspects of any given conversation, including energy, interruption, empathy, participation, tone, and pace.


The advent of artificial intelligence has augmented the capabilities of CRM systems with improved performance and efficiency. The Machine Learning algorithms automatically adjust to the changing customer requirements and they get smarter with time. CRM operations with artificial intelligence will make a business to produce efficient services for clients or customers. Thus, it will encourage businesses to produce a profitable outcome. The adoption of AI-powered CRM systems will be the next wave of technological innovation in the field of AI. It will increase their productivity allowing them to focus on what matters the most – building healthy customer relationships.

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