Optimizing Conversational Intelligence with AWS Cloud Consulting

Sanam Malhotra | 12th February 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is heralding a conversational future for humans and machines. The meteoric adoption of conversational or voice-based AI systems has encouraged businesses to explore natural language conversations like never before. As businesses begin to automate customer interactions successfully, machine learning advancements are leading us to the augmented future, i.e. conversational intelligence. With an added layer of self-learning capabilities, conversational intelligence is poised to generate value for businesses from routine human-bot interactions. In this article, we will discover how the blend of conversational intelligence with AWS cloud consulting services can optimize business interactions across domains.


What is Conversational Intelligence?

In the age of AI and evolving machine learning development services, conversational intelligence is the phenomenon of extracting valuable insights from human-machine interactions. For this, conversational intelligence traces the data gathered from AI-powered conversational interfaces such as chatbots, virtual agents, and voice-control IoT devices. With advancements in machine learning and cloud computing, businesses under conversational intelligence can channelize chatbot interactions to improve strategies and customer experience effectively. According to Gartner,

“By 2021, brands designing their websites to support visual and voice search will witness a 30% increase in digital commerce revenue.”

Today, more and more digital brands and eCommerce businesses are already beginning to integrate conversational interfaces within their online platforms. With conversational intelligence, businesses can harness routine customer-chatbot interactions to build self-learning and domain-specific conversational interfaces with efficiency.

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How does AWS deploy Conversational Intelligence?

Third-party cloud computing tools like Amazon Web Services (AWS) are making way for dynamic conversational intelligence applications for enhanced customer experience. With in-built algorithms for Natural Language Processing (NLP), translation, and data processing, conversational intelligence with AWS cloud consulting can augment business performance with the following services-

1) Amazon Lex

Powers text and voice-based conversational applications with automatic speech recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) functionalities.

2) Amazon Polly

Converts text into natural speech to create voice-based conversational applications using text-to-speech and neural text-to-speech voices for improved voice quality.

3) Amazon Transcribe

Adds speech-to-text capabilities to chatbots by converting recorded speech into textual data for quick and accurate transcribing of critical customer interactions.

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Let’s take a closer look at how these AWS SDKs enable businesses to experience conversational intelligence across verticals.


Business Applications of Conversational Intelligence with AWS Cloud Consulting

1) Call Centre Bots using Amazon Lex

Healthy customer interactions are at the heart of customer service centers. However, human resources are unable to match the dynamics of customer responses and feedback efficiently. That is where Amazon Lex enables call center businesses to automate routine customer calls using automatic speech recognition and NLU algorithms.

The basic intent, entity, and utterance model within Amazon Lex can be integrated into the dedicated cloud-based customer service platform, i.e. Amazon Connect. Call center businesses can synchronize their database using Amazon Lambda to provide customers with the following automated on-call services-

a) Scheduling an appointment

b) Changing passwords

c) Requesting balance inquiry

d) Exploring policy plans


conversational intelligence with AWS cloud consulting services

Here’s how Amazon Lex combines forces with Lambda and Amazon Connect to generate streamline customer calls.


Conversational intelligence with AWS cloud consulting in call center bots can capture data from customer interactions for-

a) Analyzing pain points and lead generating behavior

b) Performing data analytics.

c) Maintaining the context and dialogue flow of conversations

d) Adjusting responses according to customer feedback.

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2) Voice Broadcast and Alerts using AWS Polly

Voice is the future of online search. Leading market analysts report that by 2020, almost 50% of all web searches will be done by voice. Amazon Polly is a cloud service that enables the development of voice-based conversational applications with deep learning technologies.

Polly’s text-to-speech and Neural Text-to-speech voices optimize the delivery of verbal messages to customers through various IoT devices. The machine learning approach in Polly’s Neural TTS functionality uses two narration styles-

a) News narration for informational conversations

b) Conversational narration for two-way dialogues.

In addition, Polly’s API returns verbal responses in real-time to business applications. Here’s how business with a diversified audience can deploy Amazon Polly for-

i) Voice Broadcast

Voice broadcast involves the communication of business messages to a large audience backed with relevant customer phone numbers. With support for different languages and scalability, Amazon Polly can augment the voice-based broadcast efforts with outbound TTS calls. Moreso, Polly enables businesses to personalize the content and details of calls based on customer demographics.

ii) Voice Alerts

Amazon Polly is efficient at targeting critical notifications and alerts to customers via phone calls. It covers the announcement of business events to the masses with impactful narrative messages for optimum impressions.


Deploying Conversational Intelligence with AWS Cloud Consulting at Oodles AI

Conversational intelligence is the future of big data analytics. At Oodles, we are expanding our scope of AI development services for futuristic conversational applications. With hands-on experience in developing dynamic conversational AI applications, we are exploring the potential of self-learning chatbots and virtual agents to deliver optimal conversational business intelligence.

Our NLP capabilities encompass the extraction of customer behavioral data with the application of AWS cloud consulting services across channels. We have developed intelligent text and voice-backed conversational platforms for healthcare, eCommerce, and other business setups for maximum customer experience.

Reach out to our AI development team to know more about our artificial intelligence services. 

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