Building Engaging Conversational Interfaces with DialogFlow

abhijit.c | 22nd August 2019

Back in the mid-60s, with text-based user interfaces, chatbots and conversational interfaces became areas of research for better customer service. Now with the advent of conversational interfaces, chatbots and virtual assistants have become an essential part of CRM operations. That being said, chatbots have become increasingly popular because of their ability to handle users’ queries effectively. Their main benefit is that they enable businesses to improve their customer support services without affecting the user experience. Using Artificial Intelligence Services, you can develop a custom chatbot application to effectively handle customer queries.

STUDENT, an example of the early conversational interfaces was developed in 1964, eight years after John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence. Another example is ELIZA, which simulated conversation by using a pattern matching and substitution methodology. It had no actual framework for contextualizing events, nor a database or real-world knowledge. Work on natural language processing and artificial intelligence continued over the decades. One of the most significant milestones for today’s conversational interfaces is IBM’s Watson, which can respond to queries posed in natural language.

 DialogFlow is one such tool that can be used to build conversational interfaces with natural language interactions. Combined with Google’s text-to-speech technology, it enables developers to build chatbots and voice assistants capable of performing human-like interactions with customers. Moreover, DialogFlow is powered with machine learning to recognize the intent and context behind user queries. It enables a conversational interface to provide highly accurate and efficient responses. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages and needs for building engaging conversational interfaces with DialogFlow.

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Why is it required

A chatbot can significantly reduce human effort by handling hundreds of conversations simultaneously. Also, it is capable of providing round the clock support to customers. Chatbot applications make your business more approachable and streamline its CRM operations for increased responsiveness.

A majority of customers might be busy intellectuals who don’t have time to wait for sluggish replies from the CRM team. Chatbot integration can consolidate your relations with these customers by providing prompt replies to their queries.

Although chatbots cannot replace a human-to-human interaction, they can definitely speed up the conversations. The complex problems can be passed on to the human customer support executives whenever needed.

DialogFlow and its benefits

DialogFlow provides a complete solution to implement voice and text-based conversational interfaces. It employs machine learning (ML) to conduct a conversation more effectively. The entire process is performed using the simple user interface in DialogFlow’s web console.

There are several advantages that make DialogFlow a compelling choice for business. It can be integrated with various social media platforms and implemented easily across web and mobile platforms. DialogFlow’s Small Talk feature can customize answers for questions like “Who Are You” or “How Old Are You. It can motivate users to engage in a natural conversation. 

Delivers natural and rich conversational experiences: Built-in natural language processing (NLP) feature enables chatbots to process the natural language (chat or voice) carry the conversation forward. This cognitive capability distinguishes AI chatbot from the normal chatbot that operates on simple pre-defined rules coded into it.

Offers cross-device support: DialogFlow enables developers to create a device-antagonistic chatbot to meaningfully engage users on phones, cars, wearables, speakers, and other smart devices. Therefore, businesses can connect with their customers or prospects anytime, anywhere.

Services Integration: DialogFlow can be easily integrated with many external services. For instance, you can create a Facebook Messenger chatbot for your brand’s Facebook page.

Enables chatbots to speak more than 15 languages: DialogFlow supports 15+ languages, including Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, English (Australian/Canadian/Great Britain/Indian/US locale), Dutch, French (Canadian locale/France locale), German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Ukranian. Thus, businesses can transcend geographical barriers to establish healthy customer relations.

Track chatbot’s performance with built-in analytics tool: Similar to mobile app analytics, business owners can track the performance of their chatbot functions. The integrated analytics tool can read the session including usage patterns, latency issues, as well as high and low-performing intents. The intelligence further serves as a guiding principle for businesses to improve their chatbot.


DialogFlow is a great tool to build effective conversational interfaces. Apart from providing accurate and efficient responses, it delivers natural and rich conversational experiences to the customers. A well-trained bot aligns with the company’s workflow to render an engaging user experience. With Artificial Intelligence Services, technology owners can develop a solution for various businesses with chatbot requirements.

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