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Abhinav S | 12th July 2019

Digital assistants or chatbots are streamlining the business operations of all major industries. With the growing market size, chatbots have a significant impact on businesses and consumers alike. The global chatbot market is expected to reach $1.23 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 24.3 percent. As the underlying technology, Artificial intelligence empowers the chatbot application development cycle to fulfill varied business requirements. 

The recognition of manufacturing industry as the new hub for AI innovation has propelled the development of intelligent applications. Various chatbot app development services are providing several businesses to incorporate chatbots in their process. In this blog post, you will learn about the new ways of how chatbots are transforming the manufacturing industry. 

Chatbot applications in the manufacturing sector

As of today, the market competition is so intense that you need to adapt to technological changes. Speeding up business operations, minimizing risks, reducing operational costs are the fundamental reforms achieved through AI applications. Chatbots are becoming a vital resource because of their ability to produce customer-friendly experience without any human involvement. 

The manufacturing industry is experiencing the profound effects of AI-powered chatbots in the following ways. 

Supplies and inventory

The primary requirement in a manufacturing company is to keep the tab on demand and supply of products. On several occasions, companies suffer losses because the supply of parts is complete before they are needed. Chatbots enable companies to seamlessly manage their inventory and supplies. A chatbot-based query system enables managers to check the status of supplies by a simple messaging app on their smartphones. 

Before proceeding for bulk order, the manager can directly take a cue of supplies by asking questions in terms of goals and not details. For example, how many items can we produce with existing supplies?  Chatbots keeps the managers and buyers connected in order to process their requests of additional supplies into order. 

Manufacturing conditions

Workplace environment needs to be adequate for the smooth functioning of operations. Chatbots are now beginning to control environmental conditions in manufacturing units.  AI-driven analytics software provides quick insights into the operations and enables managers to keep an eye on the process. Employees can make queries about various metrics and make necessary alterations in temperature, the pressure to ensure that the equipment works at maximum efficiency. 

Installation of the chatbot application on smartphones eliminates the need for employee login on separate devices. It also makes timely changes possible with real-time analytics. Big manufacturing units can avail the Chatbots’ advantages to improve their equipments’ efficiency. 

Supply chain

Whether it is about inventory management or shipping processes, the supply chain management system plays a critical role in the manufacturing industry. Supply chain bots could simplify the interaction between employees, so they have access to the required data. It results in increased engagement and overall productivity. 

In logistics, bots can provide information about orders to be delivered, their tracking details, and orders that are returning. In addition, clients can ask for transports to get an order, by mentioning details like place, location, time, and date. Bots enable effortless tracking of purchase orders, in-stock, and out-of-stock inventory. It also produces reports on shipping information and displays the real-time shipment status to the clients.

With an interactive UI, the user can track shipments on any chat platform like Facebook messenger, Slack, or Skype. 


Chatbot applications are finding new opportunities in the fields where they can perform repetitive tasks and cut human involvement. Chatbots coordinate progressively into the business everywhere. A fully-trained bot aligns with the company’s workflow to hand out an immersive experience. Not only the clients but employees are also benefiting from advanced AI chatbot features. 

AI applications are taking over industries with their vast potential, and chatbot appears to be leading the way. Chatbot app development services are using the opportunity to develop AI chatbots that redefines business practices. 

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