Artificial Intelligence is Improving the E-commerce Experience

Abhinav S | 28th May 2019

E-commerce giants are rapidly undertaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives as part of their customer satisfaction efforts. AI has the potential to consistently enhance the user experience of e-commerce websites and mobile apps. E-Commerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba are among the first few platforms who have adopted AI to refine their customer experiences. This blog post highlights the different ways in which Artificial Intelligence is transforming the e-commerce industry.

Alibaba’s rise as an AI powerhouse

Tech giants like Alibaba are always on the lookout for innovative means to engage and delight customers. Setting up a dedicated team to develop AI-powered business solutions has enabled Alibaba to take a leading position in the adoption of AI. Let’s see how Alibaba manages to implement AI on such a large scale and how it benefits them.

The Chinese government is striving to become a dominant AI player in the world. They are providing full support in terms of investment and opportunities to develop AI applications.

With government support, Alibaba invested in seven research labs to seek different ways to refine its services with AI.

1. With Tmall Smart selection, Alibaba provides personalized product recommendations to their customers. The company also inform retailers to increase the inventory levels to keep up with customer demands in real-time.

2. Dian Xiaomi is an AI-powered chatbot that understands more than 90% of customer’s queries. It identifies a customer’s emotion and alerts human customer service agents to intervene if required.

3. Alibaba uses robots to pack shipments at their warehouse and drones to deliver them.

eBay scales new heights with the implementation of AI

Established in 1995, eBay is one of the world’s top e-commerce companies. Over the years, the company has initiated a series of technological advancements to refine its services. As of today, they are using AI to boost their business success.

eBay has trained its AI algorithms with over 20 years of customer data. Their data-driven AI models enable them to develop smart applications with customer behavior insights. The algorithms keep getting smarter as buyers and sellers interact on their platform.

Let’s see how eBay’s four-pronged approach with artificial intelligence is boosting its success.

1. eBay has AI-powered tools to anticipate buyers’ needs and recommend products. The company has installed a utility called ‘Interests’ on their platform which enables shoppers to personalize their shopping experiences. Customers can do so based on their likes and preferences.

2. eBay lists a large number of products on its platform. To let shoppers easily find the desired product, they improved their search features through AI. Shoppers can use images in their search queries to find the products they are looking for. The image recognition technology introduced by eBay helps them find similar products.

3. eBay has a worldwide customer base. Sometimes language can become a barrier but using machine translation capabilities, they have addressed the issue. Now, the processing of international orders takes significantly less time.

Amazon uses AI in almost everything they do

Amazon is one of the world’s most customer-centric companies. Enhancing customer experience has always been their prime focus. The e-commerce giant uses advanced AI algorithms to provide the best possible user experience to their customers. Amazon is currently reorganizing itself with new AI and machine learning endeavors.

Let’s explore how Amazon has integrated AI at every level.

1. As per reports, Amazon’s recommendation engines generate 35% of the company’s revenue. AI integrations enable personalized product recommendations for customers based on their purchase history. AI algorithms study customer preferences, browsing history, and related items bought together to create a personalized list of products.

2. Similar to the online marketplace, Amazon utilizes data-driven AI algorithms to provide an exceptional experience to their Go store customers. With the vision of providing a seamless shopping experience, Amazon relies heavily on AI technologies. It uses computer vision and deep learning algorithms to automate its internal/external processes.

3. Despite its massive customer base, Amazon is known for processing orders with a high degree of efficiency. The e-commerce giant uses AI-enabled systems at most of its fulfillment centers. AI-powered robots have reduced the time it takes to process orders. Automating the shipping process has also reduced a significant amount of time and enabled Amazon to increase its average daily purchases.


We are witnessing a shift in the technological landscape with the advent of AI technology. AI is transforming every industry with its innovative aspects. Artificial intelligence benefits customers as well as sellers. Leading companies are providing their customers with the best possible experience through AI-powered applications.

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