AI in Telecommunications: Improving Connectivity and Experience

Sanam Malhotra | 19th January 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the telecommunication practices with next-gen technologies such as machine learning and data analytics. AI in telecommunications can streamline business functions from network management to wireless operations to provide seamless customer services across devices. Market forecaster, Technavio suggests that artificial intelligence services will penetrate the global telecom IoT market to post an extensive CAGR of over 42% by 2020. In this article, we take a close look at how AI is heralding a digital reinvention for the telecommunication industry.


AI in Telecommunication | Rewriting the Success Formula

1) Analytics-based Prediction and Maintenance

Customer base management by reducing churn is the biggest challenge faced by any telecommunication industry. Growing pricing pressure from worldwide competitors is another major concern for mainstream telecom companies.

However, the enormous network of intertwined devices used by telecom companies can become their greatest asset with AI-enabled Predictive Analytics. Telecom’s vast troves of data include customer profiles and products, offers, usage and rebate history, network experience, weblogs, pricing, and promotion. AI-powered analytics and machine learning algorithms enable operators to predict customer churn and use insights to develop constructive solutions.

McKinsey’s insights reveal that telecom companies that implement a data-driven and analytics-based approach to base management can reduce churn by almost 15%.

In addition, artificial intelligence can drive telecom growth with the following analytics-enabled solutions-

a) Predicting Equipment Health

AI’s data-driven insights can be used to monitor the condition of network equipment, study patterns to anticipate failure, future outages. Predictive analytics can enable operators to fix technical glitches in communication hardware, power lines, and servers efficiently.

b) Improving Real-time Customer Experience

AI can use customer data to identify real-time customer satisfaction in the form of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Experience Index (CEI). Predictive analytics can assist telecom companies to personalize services to targeted customers by analyzing their viewing habits and patterns.

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2) Network Management and Optimization

Robust network coverage and capacity are the key indicators of a healthy telecommunication business. However, an ever-expanding network of subscribers bundled with customized services is disrupting network management and security drastically.

The rising demand for telecom services, network capacity, and configuration changes can be well addressed with artificial intelligence. AI in telecommunications shows great potential to optimize end-to-end network visibility and performance.

The telecommunication leader, Nokia, states that AI has already penetrated Self Organizing Networks (SON) applications to build more adaptive and scalable mobile networks.


Here’s how AI-powered automation is strengthening network bandwidth and security-

a) Real-time network visualization for seamless network orchestration.

b) Quick and accurate identification of performance issues.

c) Efficient design and development of high-scale networks such as complex non-linear modeling of 5G networks.

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Reinventing Business Opportunities with AI in Telecommunications with Oodles

The market size and growth rate of the telecommunication industry is expanding at a massive scale. At Oodles, we are assisting the telecommunication businesses to capitalize on their expansive profit margin to harness next-gen technologies. With emerging technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, we are empowering telecom companies with scalable solutions such as-

a) Predictive Analytics for extracting key business insights from large volumes of customer data, profiles, usage records, etc.

b) Predictive Maintenance for IoT devices, network equipment, and communication hardware.

c) Computer vision techniques to generate in-depth video analytics for real-time improvement in customer experience and engagement.

d) AI-powered chatbot development services for interactive, useful, and efficient conversational applications to handle customer queries and complaints.

To know more about our artificial intelligence services, reach out to our AI development team here.

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