Food and beverage industries are becoming AI hotspots

Abhinav S | 22nd May 2019


The latest trends indicate that artificial intelligence (AI) plays a vital role in improving the quality of business in multiple sectors. One industry that is experiencing a significant proliferation of AI is food and beverage. Read along to understand how AI is benefiting them and why you must implement AI in your business.



Coca-Cola uses AI for customer engagement


Coca-Cola has a massive customer base in over 200 countries and serves over 1.5 billion drinks per day. To retain its position as a top beverage company, Coca-cola has started using AI techniques to engage its customers. It extracts customer’s sentiments using AI to refine its services and provide better customer experiences.



To understand their customer’s preferences in a particular area, Coca-cola installed AI-powered vending machines at multiple places. The company also increased customer engagement through image recognition technology with the help of Google’s TensorFlow.



Retail stores use AI to target their customers with exciting offers


A large number of local and international retail brands have embraced artificial intelligence to strengthen their customer base and build healthy customer relations. International meal planning firms like Wellio are using Machine learning technologies to monitor and analyze their customers’ buying habits. The acquisition and analysis of customer data enable Wellio to formulate personalized food recipes as per customer preferences.



In addition, Artificial intelligence enables companies to address the recurring problems associated with supply chain and inventory management. A retail store can effectively streamline its inventory management process with machine learning. For example, the staff can take pictures of store shelves with their AI-enabled mobile application. It can trigger machine learning algorithms to automatically detect missing or misplaced items and alert store managers to take corrective action.



Food packaging and tracking systems


The packaging is another area where AI is transforming the F&B industry. Scanning food items manually to meet a company’s packaging standards is difficult and time-consuming. The human eye may not be efficient enough to pick the odd one out every single time. However, AI algorithms when used in food packaging can effectively streamline the process by implementing smart monitoring and analysis of food items. In fact, several F&B companies are using AI-powered systems to accelerate packaging and inspection processes.



Similarly, a majority of F&B companies use AI-powered tracking systems to keep a tab on the movement of food packages. Not only does it simplify the entire process but also ensures that no items are misplaced while in-transit.  It speeds up the shipping process, increases efficiency and reduces overall operational costs.


Product Development and Analysis


The adoption of AI methodologies enables food manufacturers to extrapolate the potential response of their upcoming products. Gastrograph AI is one such platform which provides historical customer data to various companies. This data further aids them in understanding their customer’s preferences and anticipate the potential response of their target audience to a new product.



Likewise, AI technology enables restaurants and manufacturing units to promote good personal hygiene among workers. Several high-street restaurants have installed cameras with facial and object recognition technology in their premises for surveillance purposes. The cameras ensure that chefs, butlers, and other staff members adhere to food safety laws by wearing hats, gloves, and masks. In case of any discrepancy, the camera monitoring system grabs screen images and sends them to the concerned person. This technology has been reported to have an accuracy of over 96%.



Concluding thoughts


Considering a plethora of opportunities in the food and beverages sector, companies are deploying AI for effective results. AI solutions are already transforming the industry by addressing the challenges faced by the companies. We will be witnessing more AI applications in the industry as the market evolves at a brisk pace.



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