5 Innovative AI Applications in Healthcare

Abhinav S | 23rd May 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a next-gen technology that has the potential to transform every industry. It has life-changing implications in healthcare, which can improve outcomes for millions of patients. This blog post explores the different ways in which AI applications in healthcare is transforming the diagnosis and treatment.


Predicting premature death


A recent study reveals that artificial intelligence can be used to predict potential health risks that may lead to premature death. It can be achieved by collecting user data of a certain age bracket and analyzing it with machine learning models. The process involves careful investigation and analysis of different data sources associated with people of different age groups.


The predictions are based on the data related to demography, biometrics, lifestyle factors, and dietary habits too. It is possible to use such data for making significant predictions with machine learning algorithms. It is a pivotal measure for predicting potential health issues and preventing them. At Oodles, we are successfully working with several startups to provide such capabilities with the latest machine learning techniques.


Providing simple medical information


AI-powered chatbots work like digital assistants in the healthcare industry to answer simple health-related questions. In the absence of medical professionals, chatbots can provide straightforward solutions to common questions with an analysis of medical symptoms.


Our AI team has developed multiple chatbots for similar use-cases. The purpose they serve is not to replace professionals, but to provide an instant professional response to common problems faced by individuals.


Virtual nurses to take care of patients


A basic yet critical application of artificial intelligence is to remind patients to take their pills on time. AI-powered health applications that solve this purpose have found popularity among patients with chronic ailments. These applications are more commonly known as ‘Virtual Nurses.’ They require basic inputs such as the name of their medicine, as well as the time and frequency of the intake to work.


Florence is one such virtual nurse application that sends a message to remind the patient to take the medicines. Our AI team is proficient at using multiple technologies to develop virtual nurse applications that provide patients real-time access to answers and support.


Medical Diagnosis



Storing and managing a vast amount of data from all over the world is a daunting task for any hospital. IBM’s Watson for health makes it easy for healthcare organizations by applying cognitive technology to unlock a large amount of health data and power diagnosis. Watson reviews and stores every medical information – journals, papers, and case studies related to the treatment of various diseases.


Likewise, Google’s Deepmind health is also working in partnership with doctors, researchers, and patients to solve real-world healthcare problems. With several impending issues in healthcare, AI technology is enabling organizations to find answers quickly and efficiently.


Radiology uses AI to detect anomalies



The medical diagnostic process can be made more efficient with artificial intelligence and big data analytics. AI systems can examine Medical resonance imaging (MRI) reports, X-rays, CT scans, and provide actionable insights to the doctors about a patient’s health. A large number of global medical institutions use AI-based radiology techniques to detect rare or chronic disease in patients at an early stage.





AI usage in healthcare is expanding at a rapid pace with evident outcomes. From something as simple as booking an appointment with a doctor to identifying common symptoms in patients, AI does it all. The recent advancements in healthcare sector indicate that we are going to see a meteoric rise in AI-powered applications in the coming years.


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