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Posted By :Pawan Singh Nagarkoti |30th November 2022

C# is a object oriented programming language. C# developed by microsoft.
JIT stands for just-in-time compiler. It translates MSIL code into CPU native code whenever necessary during code execution.

1. JIT is a compiler.
2. JIT compiler enables in browsers by default.
3. JIT compile bite code into machine code.
4. It is faster in comparision to state compilation.
5. This allows the late binding of data type and enforces the security in better means. Application of JIT is Java and .Net framework. 



1. Pre JIT- Pre JIT is used to compile the source code when program is a compilation. It is also used at the movement of deployment.

2. Econo JIT- Econo JIT compile only runtime methods.

3. Normal JIT- It is also compiled only runtime methods and it is store compiled code into a cache memory. When if this is called again, it is executed cache store code.


UNIFIED CLASSES (Base class library).

1. The unified class is a set of classes that provides the useful functionality to CLR programmers.
2.  The .Net framework class library is based on features like runtime environment support and simplifies the development of the .net base application.
3.  Unified classes provide the foundation which builds of our application the regardless of a language used.
4.  Unified classes provide the consistency technique for accessing the platform functionality.
5.  In addition to the above point, a developer can extend classes but creating their own library classes.
6. In .Net framework all application access the same .Net framework class library which is held in same namespaces.
7. In .Net framework programming languages(VB, C#, .Net etc) from various vendors utilize them .Net services and feature through a common set of unified classes. 
8. .Net framework is developed by the Microsoft.
9. Unified classes are predefined classes which are created by C#.net developers.


Application of unified classes.

1. Classes for XML support.
2. Classes for data handling.
3. Classes for web services. 



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