What is AMP and what makes it so FAST

Posted By :Harsh Soni |30th November 2019

What is an Accelerated Mobile Page or AMP?

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page is a project designed to provide fast mobile pages. It is designed by Google and Twitter which strip-down the form of HTML to reduce the page size and decrease page load time. The pages designed using this are super lightweight and loads really fast. So including Google, Twitter, and other companies together rolled this out as an Open source project to get an open response. So, there are all kinds of elements of openness to the project. According to Google, AMP pages cut down the download time between 15% to 85% in the initial test.

So the pages are AMP-optimized rank better on search engines and they are faster which provides a better user experience to visitors.

Components of an AMP page 

AMP HTML: It is a Subset of HTML and this markup language has its own custom tags and properties and some restrictions. But it's mostly similar to the regular HTML and it can be adapted easily

AMP JS: A Javascript framework for mobile pages. Basically, it is used to manage resource handling and asynchronous loading of the resources. AMP Js does not permit third-party Javascript.

AMP CDN: It is an Optional Content Delivery Network, it will cache your AMP pages and resources and automatically optimize them for better performance.

List of things you should know before using the AMP plugin

AMP uses a streamlined version of CSS.
You are only not allowed to use the external JavaScript library – which is a downside to AMP and you’re not in control, you may experience lazy loading
AMP site pages need to be validated
No forms are allowed on AMP pages.
Fonts need to be loaded separately for a better experience on pages.
Use AMP-approved extensions for the videos on your page.
Also, you may face difficulty in showing the social sharing button which is mostly developed using Javascript. So, the conclusion is AMP page is good for the readability and speed of your website.


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