What are Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Posted By :Vikas Verma |30th June 2021


Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) is the outsourcing of third-party artificial intelligence (AI). AIaaS allows users and businesses to try AI for various purposes without much initial investment and shallow risk. The test could allow sampling of multiple public cloud platforms to test different machine learning methods.


Different AI platform offers a variety of ML and AI styles. This diversity can best fit the organizational needs of AI because organizations need to evaluate features and prices to see what works for them. Cloud AI service providers can provide the special hardware required for other AI functions, such as GPU-based processing for large workloads.


Purchasing the assets needed to launch an AI cloud is expensive. Combined with technician and maintenance costs and asset changes for different operations, it makes AIaaS costs deter many organizations.


Types of AIaaS

Common types of AIaaS include:


Chatbots and digital help


This could include interviews that use natural language processing techniques (NLP) to learn from conversations with people and imitate language patterns while providing feedback. This frees customer service staff to focus on more complex tasks.

These are the most widely used forms of AIaaS today.


Computer understanding APIs


In small application performance, APIs are a form of communication service. APIs allow developers to add specific technologies or applications to the app they are building without writing code from scratch. Common API options include:

  • NLP
  • Computer speech and computer perspective
  • Translation
  • Creating an information map
  • Search
  • Emotional detection
  • Machine learning frameworks


ML and AI frameworks are the tools that developers can use to build their learning model over time in existing company data.


Machine learning is often associated with big data. Still, it can have other uses - and these frameworks provide a building block for machine learning activities without the need for a big data environment.


Fully managed machine learning services.


Machine learning frameworks are the first steps towards machine learning. This approach is a way to add rich machine learning capabilities using templates, pre-built models, and drag-and-drop tools to assist developers in creating a custom machine learning framework.


What are the Benefits of AIaaS?


AIaaS offers many of the same benefits as other a-service offerings, BMC points out. These benefits include:-


Reduced Costs: Small and medium-sized businesses rarely have the resources to invest in AI systems. Thanks to AIaaS, companies - regardless of size - can integrate AI into their operations without implementing, maintaining, and training costs often associated with AI systems. Also, AIaaS is usually charged on a required basis; this means that it is only charged if it uses AIaaS.


Seamless Use: Although many businesses want to incorporate AI into their daily operations, but doing that can be complex. AI technology always requires a lot of time and resources to build and use from the ground up. And when this technology is incorporated, they do not provide guarantees. AIaaS provides AI out of the box. It empowers a company to incorporate AI technology into its day-to-day operations without the time-consuming and costly implementation process.


Unparalleled diversity: In some cases, a company may use AI programs in all of its operations and later find that these programs fail to meet its business needs. By comparison, AIaaS offers unparalleled scales, unlike traditional AI systems. 

AIaaS can be gradually incorporated into the company’s day-to-day operations. As the business becomes accustomed to AIaaS, the company can quickly measure its AIaaS usage.

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