What Is Xamarin for Visual Studio

Posted By :Sonu Kumar |31st January 2022

Introduction - Xamarin is a .NET developer platform made of tools, programming languages, and libraries for building many various forms of applications. Xamarin gives add-ins to Microsoft Visual Studio that enables developers to make Android, iOS, and Windows apps within the IDE using code completion and IntelliSense. also has extensions that provide support for the building, deploying, and debugging of apps on a simulator or a tool.

Advantage -

  • In  Xamarin we can share business logic code on many platforms. That means if we did any change in business logic will affect multiple platforms.
  • The developer has the liberty to settle on  UI layout, an excellent benefit while designing apps in step with  user interests
  • In the Xamarin we shared code logic that can be written just once, but deployed across various platforms.


  • The main disadvantage with this application development is, we still must use multiple technologies to develop UI to support this platform.
  • The built-in app overhead leaves a large footprint. This could affect download time and storage space required for apps on user devices
  •  In the Xamarin we got a Lack of community support 

Why use Xamarin - Because Xamarin is a perfect tool to live out a dream of developers to create code once and use it across Many platforms, without impairing the app's performance, maintainability, or user experience.

Xamarin VS Android 

  •  Xamarin - It is often used for Native android development(phones & Tabs) and hybrid development(iOS and android) using Technologies like Objective-C, Swift, or Java you'll be able to neutralize in C#.
  •  Android studio - By this, you can do only Native development using Java or kotlin language. Google recommended for Native development. If you would like to develop apps for TV, Auto then you must use Android studio. 

Conclusion- Xamarin is a better choice when compared to hybrid apps because they just show the app within a frame on whichever device you are running.


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