Use of Artificial Intelligence in shaping Mobile Applications future

Posted By :Ravi Rose |29th July 2022

The role of artificial intelligence in shaping the future of mobile app development


AI (Artificial Intelligence) has always been in the news, has been highlighted in various movies, and is now paving the way for the future of mobile app development.


For those who don't know, artificial intelligence is a technology that can develop human-like intelligence in machines. In other words, the ability of a computer or machine to imitate the abilities of the human mind. Artificial intelligence uses a combination of several technologies to equip machines with human-like intelligence to act, understand, plan, learn, and sense.


AI tools can provide a detailed and personalized user experience when a mobile app is built using them. Apps developed with artificial intelligence can predict user actions, understand their behavior, and can create a personalized connection, which is better for user satisfaction. This in turn increases user engagement and builds long-term brand loyalty and a meaningful user experience.


Below are a few ways AI is shaping the future of mobile app development.


Automatic reply feature


Artificial intelligence when integrated with mobile app development can enable auto-responder features. This will allow communication between the user and the device. Google already uses this auto-reply feature in Gmail, called Smart Reply. Whenever a message is sent to the user, the function will understand the message and send an appropriate response.


Language Translation


With the help of AI, we can have a real-time language translation feature. It saves the user from having to download another app specifically for this purpose. Artificial intelligence enables machine learning, so it can enable an app to learn different dialects of the same language and easily translate it in real time. Incorporating this technology into mobile apps will help people communicate better with each other and also increase the reach of the app around the world.


Face recognition


Security is a big issue these days. Thanks to artificial intelligence, facial recognition functions can be implemented in applications. Tech giants like Apple use facial recognition to increase security, increase satisfaction, and improve security. There have been developments in facial recognition and an improved version would be able to identify faces with beards or scars. Facial recognition also helps prevent children from accessing sensitive or restricted content. It can also predict or detect cyber security threats.




Chatbots have gotten their share of recognition thanks to the pandemic. When humans were restricted by social distancing, chatbots took over the role of customer service executives. Chatbots act like customer care agents – people can chat with them and ask questions. Developers are now adding this feature to their apps so they don't have to set up and hire a separate customer care team. Developers can train these chatbots to answer questions based on the most frequently asked questions of their customers. It eliminates the need to hire a customer care representative to answer repetitive questions, saving time and money.


High productivity


Mobile apps developed with the help of artificial intelligence are productive, efficient, latency-free, and very responsive. For example, Microsoft 365 is fast, efficient, and works adequately.




An app that allows its users to customize it according to their usage gets more customer loyalty. Apps today have algorithms that can perform predictive analytics and can change the overall content of the app using historical data collected from users who use the app. It is now a benchmark for the applications we use today. Whether it's personal recommendations or ads you want the app to show. All are powered by an integrated AI-based personalization feature.




Indeed, AI will play a vital role in the future of mobile app development. It will give developers the ability to make several innovations. However, only time will tell what innovations await us on this path. One thing is for sure, the role of AI in mobile app development will soon become the foundation of mobile app development.


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