Understanding Metaverse: Good or Bad

Posted By :Anu Malik |27th May 2022

There is no consensus about what is "Metaverse"?? 
But here is what etymology tells us: The term "Metaverse" is a contraction of the Greek prefix meta and the Latin universum.


Let's start with META, which means among other things, change, and going beyond. Whereas, UNIVERSUM is self-composed of uni("One") and versum("to turn"). To sum up, Universum represents both "All together" and "towards a common goal".

Thus, Metaverse could be defined as a common direction in which we will move together with the characteristic of transformation.

So, being it so complex, why can't we start with What the Metaverse is not?



Metaverse is not a Revolution today. If we put it in other words, we can say that the perception of technological revolution implies the convergence of many underlying and prior technological changes. Or we can say

Metaverse is not virtual reality, just as mobile internet is not an application to be installed.


Metaverse is not a virtual mode either, just as Orkut/Facebook is not the internet today.

Finally, it can be said that Metaverse is a new experience whose potential is just beginning to be explored. It could be something incredibly positive, destructive or something in between just like nuclear power at its time.


We are building an invisible part of Metaverse. Each layer has some good and some bad contained in it.




Let's check out the Good part first.

If I were, to begin with, I would rather say if technologies are the "What" then it implies humans are the "How" of it. If Metaverse is in the right hands, it could become a tool. It could act as a mirror and can shed light on dark areas allowing us to correct the ills of society through the feedback loop. Traditionally Governments have been the gatekeepers of our society. But having this in place could transform the system, as this allows humans to interact quickly and do a variety of important jobs related to practical learning.


Now let's look at the dark side of it.

One very common being people to be disconnected from the actual world and can become addicted to the virtual world. If this new form of the world is built someone will become the owner and that person would be the God of that world, having everything at his hands, ruling his own world. And Ruling is Autocracy which cannot be questioned in turn taking the freedom that we have now.


Indeed, technologies are necessary still we have a way to go to optimize their Functionality, Usability, Cost, and contemplating into more factors before its too late to go back.


As it is said:

"When a tree falls, You hear it;

When the forest grows, not a sound."


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