Top JavaScript based AI Frameworks For Machine Learning Applications

Posted By :Kajal Singh |28th July 2020

JavaScript-based AI Frameworks For Machine Learning Applications


In this blog, we will talk about javascript-based AI frameworks and libraries effective for deploying machine learning models. These Frameworks and Libraries are used to create AI-powered web applications for enterprises. 


As an emerging artificial intelligence development company, Oodles AI shares a quick reference guide for Javascript developers to build AI-based web apps efficiently. 


Top 5 JavaScript-based AI Frameworks and Libraries


1. DeepLearn.js


It is an open-source machine learning javascript library, which is developed by Google. The main purpose of this library is training the neural networks in the browser, and for education also. 


2. TensorFlow.js


It is an open-source JavaScript library. which is developed by Google. It developed basically for training and using machine learning in the browser using javascript. For javascript developers who are new to machine learning, this library is an awesome way to start learning. It provides API's which helps to parse and load data from the disk or the web in a variety of formats, and to prepare the data for use in machine learning models. This library is widely used nowadays because of its easy usability.


3. Brain.js


It is a JavaScript library that is widely used for neural network models. like it provides different types of networks for different tasks. it performs computational processing and provides multiple implementations on a neural network.


4. Neuro.js


It is a JavaScript library. the main purpose of this library is to training and developing deep learning models with the use of javascript. it can easily be deployed in the node.js or browser. With this library, we can create AI-based chatbots. it provides the real-time classification of web development, online learning, and multi-label classification.


5. Mind


It is a JavaScript library you can also call this flexible library. It is also based on neural networks for web browsers and node.js. It based on matrix implementation which helps to train the data and allows the developer to personalize the network topology. We can plugin to this library.


6. ML.js


It is a JavaScript library. You can also say that it is a complete general-purpose library which is written in javascript. It is a compilation of a huge array of tools that are developed in this organization. The main usage of this is to run in the web browser. this library contains various kinds of routines like random number generation, has tables, sorting, optimization, etc.




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