The updated features of Angular 11

Posted By :Vikrant Kumar |31st January 2023

The Angular 11 Updated Features

The 11th iteration of this Google-developed framework took into account some target issues in addition to the several introductions made in Angular 9 and 10. Automation, stricter types, and improved router performance have been the main improvements improved in this edition. The following are some of the highlights of Angular 11's new updates


Scripted inline fonts

A notable feature of Angular 11 is the automated font inlining. The index HTML converts Google Fonts and Icons to inline. The typefaces can be used and linked within the application, and they can be downloaded and inlined at compile time. You can use this functionality for production settings while the build is ongoing with version 11's updates.


Accelerated build time

With the NGCC compiler and TypeScript v4.0, Angular 11 also offers development and build cycles that are speed-optimized. In Angular 11, the ngcc compiler renders updates 4 times faster, leading to quicker builds and shorter rebuild times. For ngcc, Typescript 4.1 adds support for quicker builds and compilation.


5 Webpack

You may also choose Webpack v5 in Angular 11, which makes it easier to combine several documents into a single record or bundle. This can now be used experimentally with cjs tree shaking to work with quicker builds, disc caching, and smaller bundles.


Switching to ESLint

This is a significant change in Angular 11, where migration to ESLint is made easier than to TSLint. Developers frequently discourage the use of Codelyzer and TSLint because they are popular tools that are currently in broad use. As a result, Angular developers have created a transition and collaborated to make the switch to ESLint easier.

the Angular 11 update

Update the Angular CLI and the core dependencies using the CLI command below if you wish to start using Angular 11.

@Angular/core @Angular/cli ng update


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