The QAs performance boosting with the adoption of AI

Posted By :Rohitesh Rawat |31st December 2019

Foresight for Software Development and Testing with AI:
To ensure that the brand and the business sustains in the competing market scenario, software applications are being launched at an immense speed, resulting in the need to develop faster and test smarter.
Releases are attempted every week and updates happen more frequently.
A lot is dependent on how AI evolves to support Testing.

Defining the role and contribution of AI continues to emerge.

With respect to testing, AI provides a wider scope to QAs to go beyond and adopt AI-enabled automation platforms with much more ease and not just go with the traditional mode of testing.

When AI-powered continuous testing platforms are able to update controls and algorithms according to the requirements, this will be a practical approach with automation testing.

With AI Adoption, QAs can expect a reduction in the testing lifecycle, making it shorter and smarter.

Being similar to automation, (probably notches above), in terms of accuracy, the expectations from AI are paramount.
It is expected to boost accuracy, which is the key reason for organizations that take the strategic decision to leverage AI platforms and invest in future initiatives.


When accurate information is captured, testing can be done effectively.
Referable and Resourceful accurate data is what expected from the AI platforms.

AI is also going to maximize the overall Test Coverage and is expected to expand the and scope of the testing for business applications to enhance the quality process of the software along the way.

AI should ensure a faster turnaround.
Resolving post the launch can incur efforts and costs, killing the time span for getting the application to the users.
Testers and developers would be notified well in advance about the flaws and glitches with AI-enabled automation tools, which in turn will save costs and pace up the time-to-market.

Every business needs speed along with quality.



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