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Posted By :Gagan Thakur |31st January 2018

There is no doubt in the fact that NODEJS and JS are swallowing the world.

Powerful Case Studies were demonstrated at Node Summit held in 2016, which clearly depicts the power that Node provides to most of the world’s rapidly developing enterprises and organizations.

In the time span of last three months, almost 91 percent of the Walmart traffic is to be served via the Node Application Programming Interfaces (API).

Also, it was stated that approximately three months from now the SamsClub, which is Walmart’s second largest property. It is claimed that it will be almost 100 percentile based out of JavaScript. In fact, it is stated that the iOS and android experience shall eventually be based out of react native. It is simply a JavaScript technology that has brought in about changes in the objective C coding and Java.


With this switch in the trending technology, Walmart has significantly managed to reduce the time to market and meanwhile enabling its entire development team to understand and develop the complete technology stack. Whereas, no specifics were provided over the time-saving schemes. In Fact, it was pretty clear that the speed was one of the primary drivers at Walmart in context to the increasing investments in NodeJS. As a way before they required dedicated front-end, back-end, mobile, and development, they are now able to have each personnel of their team to work on any of those positions.


Excitingly, for most of the geeks like us, there was, a talk by Collin Estes discussing the NASA’s move towards a Node enterprise architecture. Yes,?you got it right it’s the same NASA who’s is simply responsible for sending personnel to the moon and creating the Tang. NASA has simply wholeheartedly embraced Node for its flexibility in creating the micro-services that can just scale to support the future of the space travel. Wherein, Node is not just used in the mission-critical system till date but it is being used “to build the present and the future systems supporting the spaceship operations and the development.”


The Vertical Integration Strategy of JavaScript

Initially, JavaScript gave a start as a simple and admittedly poorly designed, scripting language which was made for just doing cute small things over the Netscape browser in mid of 1995. But over the time, it just spread out to be one of the dominant ways for interacting with most of the web browsers but till date, it is clung into its niche of making the things happen over the browser. Then later in 2009, NodeJS came all along and offered a way to simply use JavaScript on the server without even touching a browser. Thus, with such an innovation, the floodgates just opened.

These days in addition to the great things that are happening over to the web and the server side, the JavaScript has simply expended to do everything essentially including the following:

  • OS X Desktop Applications and Windows?—?Spending with the Electron companies including the Slack, Microsoft (Visual Studio Code), and also has used the Node toolset in order to create the native applications.
  • Android and iOS Applications?—?The React Native now provides us the native quality experiences for the substantial portions of the Facebook’s mobile applications in addition to those companies such as the CBS Sports, Vogue and superficially Walmart in near future.
  • (IoT) Internet Of Things ?—?JavaScript is now just simply searching its way into the production quality of the IoT devices and somewhat thanks to the library known as Johnny Five. At Node Summit, the developers from Fit Bit, Qualcomm, and McLaren discussed the usage of JavaScript in their organizations.
  • ROBOTICS?—?The usage of the single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi, the Node bots is nowadays, empowering everyone to create full functioning robots by simply using JavaScript.


Thus, now is the time to get started and simply start exploring. If you wish to have any help with the things such as establishing best coding practices or handling security or thereby, building for scale or even setting up the cloud infrastructure and to simply create a mind-blowing application, you can always reach out to us for our presence to serve.

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