The Difference Between Image Processing and Computer Vision

Posted By :Kajal Singh |30th November 2020

The Difference Between Image Processing and Computer Vision


In this blog, we will talk about whats the difference between computer vision and image processing in Artificial Intelligence. So let's begin with the definition of computer vision and image processing which helps to understand both concepts. 


Computer Vision - It is a part of Artificial Intelligence. The first thing that comes to mind after seeing this world is that this is the combination of eyes and brains. The main purpose of this technology is to get the information from images and videos which helps to analyze the data. In this concept input refers to image and output refers to the information about images and videos. These things are done by image processing and machine learning etc. So we can say that image processing is the method that is used in computer vision. 


For example, object detection and recognization is the real-world applications of computer vision.


Image Processing - It is a part of Artificial Intelligence and it is a subpart of computer vision. As we already read that image processing works in computer vision so we can say that is a subpart of computer vision. It Helps in processing the image as per our requirements. 


For example, This concept is used in every smartphone. After taking an image, smartphones use image processing algorithms to get a visually appealing image. Through the algorithms, this adjust contrast, highlights, shadows, and many more other properties of a picture.


Similarities -  Computer Vision and Image Processing work together in several cases. Most of the computer vision machines used an image processing algorithm. for example Convolutional Neural Networks.

Convolutional Neural Networks can be considered as some sort of adaptive image processing. CNN's take generally images as input and process them in a way that makes it possible to accomplish a certain computer vision task, such as image recognition.  CNN's do a great job at the vision, audio, and even natural language processing applications also

image src = computer vision and image processing images


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