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Posted By :Nidhi Ojha |30th December 2020

By the end of 2024, 75% of companies will shift from piloting to operationalizing AI. It is being said by most of the researchers, “To innovate their way beyond a post-COVID-19 world, data and analytics leaders require an ever-increasing velocity and scale of analysis in terms of processing and access to succeed in the face of unparalleled market shifts”. 


Next generation technologies are demonstrating colossal in accelerating enterprise digital transformation and enabling organizations to ease process excellence. At the same time, software testing and QA is also playing a vital role in confirming the tri-factor benefit of speed, value, and quality. 


Now, this can be huge, and in many ways AI will be implemented for conducting a span of activities together with interaction with the end users/consumers. This clasps true for almost every technology that has been gaining popularity and enabling businesses – Big Data, Smart Machines, IoT, and Robotics. However it is important for enterprises to grip these technologies, it is also required for them to adopt it with full confidence and ensure its relevance for their business. New technologies will work for a business only when they are mapped against its business Purpose. 


Quality Assurance and Software Testing assist enterprises to adopt technologies with an aim to bring business value. In this circumstance, organizations estimate how Agile development can assist them with their digital transformation attempts, why implementing DevOps is becoming a top preference, and how it can enable them to recognize their consumers better and address their needs. 


AI in the land of Software Testing:

AI is certainly gaining impulse and is being implemented across diverse industries. AI assists systems to perform tasks that would traditionally need human intellect. A computer can be sustain with huge amount of data sets, which then adds logic and patterns to come up with appropriate inferences. QA and testing are very much essential for establishing a valid connection between similar input and output pairs. 

Automation Testing is needed to confirm that the results derived are relevant and in line with the business objectives. AI bots can now communicate by providing human inputs and perform a whole range of activities. While, its performance will totally depend on the input of right data and its effectual processing. 


Growing need for Big Data Testing:

The core goal of Big Data testing is to ensure data completeness, enable data transformation, confirm quality of data, and automate analytical activities. The ruling technology movement and efficacy depends extensively on the exchange of data. Additionally, Big Data testing ensures that the data acquired from diverse data sets bring business value and profitability in the long run. For instance, marketing teams will need rapid analysis of consumer data to substantiate their claims and recognize the consumer much better. 


Robotics and the changing dynamics:

Robotic process automation (or RPA) is implemented to assist employees of an organization to configure computer software or a robot for processing a transaction, working on the data, prompting responses, or computing other systems. This is one of the many instances where robotics is being implemented for relieving human efforts and automating mundane tasks. In an environment such as this, performance and functionality can be confirmed only when the expected results are tested conscientiously and authenticated under varying conditions.  


Dependability on IoT:

Today, consumer brands and industries working across many domains are leveraging the capabilities of IoT to innovate and offer new experiences. The overall working of IoT totally depends on how effectively the data is exchanged and applied in real environment. IoT systems require to be checked for security, performance, functionality, and availability across the consumer lifecycle. QA and Testing has been enabling enterprises to confirm this under varying pressures and situations. This assists overall in increasing the dependability of businesses on IoT devices for delivering desired consumer experience. 



As per the topmost digital transformation trends for 2021, 5G is all set to become orthodox. Ruling telecom companies and Communications Services Providers (CSPs) are actively building up their 5G capabilities by investing in the needed infrastructure. 

The remote lifestyle in the pandemic has called attention to the need for a robust, continuous, and reliable network. This has conducted to the surge in 5G development and adoption. With progressively sectors embracing 5G, software testing will also become crucial for ensuring a seamless implementation. 


To sum up :

The end user market is dynamic, and businesses require to experiment and innovate to strike the right chord with the end-user/consumer. This can be done with opinion only when these technologies are well-tested against numerous odds and under many conditions. QA and testing can be an perfect enabler in this context. 

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