Teamwork Projects Project Management Tool and its Features

Posted By :Rohitesh Rawat |30th March 2019

Teamwork Projects- Project Management Tool

Teamwork is a cloud-based project management tool created in 2009.

The agency which created this was looking for a better way to organize their projects, but couldn't find the right fit, so they created their own!

Teamwork, apart from project management, has developed 2 more products to help organize businesses.

1. Teamwork Desk: is a Help Desk ticketing platform and was released in 2015.

2. Teamwork Chat: is an alternative to slack that can completely integrate with Teamwork Projects to help keep your communications focused and aligned with different projects.

Some of Teamwork Project’s Key Features are:

1. Tasks: There are a lot of sub-features within a whole task like lists, sub-tasks, descriptions, attachments, time tracking, priority, etc)
This Tasks feature is extremely useful and helps one in making sure that everything, that needs to get done, is listed properly, and can be checked off easily.


2. Project Reports: This feature helps to gain information about different projects so that, in future, one can plan accurately for similar projects.

3. Starred Projects: This feature helps one in keeping all their important projects at the top of their list.
It also helps in distinguishing 
between projects from others one may not be as involved in.


4. Apps/Integrations: Whether on an iPhone or an Android, with this feature, one can keep their projects where they are.
Also, all the documents can be synced with the Google Apps for Business integration.

5. CalendarThis feature presents a full view of all active projects, milestones, and tasks that still need to be completed.


6. Collaborators: In Teamwork Projects, different users can be assigned different levels of access.
This feature gives a simple way to give customers access to projects, to stay updated on the progress, without giving them access to all the projects. 

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