Tableau vs Power BI Features with Key Difference

Posted By :Shivani Chaudhary |29th May 2020

In this journal, i am going to tell to you Tableau and Power metallic element options with my suggestion including with key distinction.


Features of Tableau

  • Toggle view and drag-and-drop
  • List of native data connectors
  • Highlight and filter data
  • Share dashboards
  • Import all ranges and sizes of data
  • Easy data filtering in Tableau
  • Tableau provides information choice 1st and change information among the visualizations later. 
  • In Tableau toggling information between visualizations is far easier and economical. 

Features of Power BI

  • Power BI element permits users to raise queries visualizations tongue to urge answers in an exceedingly specific graphical type referred to as Q&A feature.
  • Content Packs: for sharing dashboards with team
  • Data filtering is troublesome in Power metallic element
  • Power BI element permits visualizations 1st and next information dragging into it later
  • After making a graph by Q&A that's not editable.
  • Power BI element is as a result of Q&A practicality mechanically creates a graph however we tend to will’t edit that graph when visual image solely can amendment the read.
  • Date filtering per year is feasible however Quarterly, monthly, days ar a touch bit troublesome.


My Suggestion

Tableau’s advantage lies in self-containing information visual image and its advanced capabilities, speed, performance, and measurability.

I would prefer Tableau for business analytics.

Average visual image, like if we do not want tons of filtering within the information and therefore the restricted quantity of knowledge we'll use then,

I would prefer Power BI  and additionally it's on budget.


Disadvantages of Power BI

  • Dashboards and reports solely shared with users having a similar email domains.
  • Power Bl can ne'er combine foreign information, that is accessed from time period connections.
  • Power BI element cannot settle for file size larger than one GB.
  • Dashboard ne'er accepts or pass user, account, or different entity parameters.

Disadvantages of Tableau

  • Relatively high cost
  • No change management or versioning
  • It is pricey, Power BI element in comparison to different tools.
  • Importing custom visual image may be a bit troublesome.
  • Not offers straightforward ways for embedding reports to different applications.
  • Tableau is appropriate just for an oversized organization which may purchase licensing value
  • Tableau doesn't supply support for computing and machine learning.
  • There is integration with different Microsoft product like Power Apps, Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Microsoft Flow, that uses Single Sign-On (SSO).



  • Tableau deploys MDX for measures (Multidimensional Expressions ) and dimensions whereas Power BI element uses DAX for conniving (DAX functions to calculate the mean (arithmetic average) of a collection of values.)
  • Tableau platform is thought for its information visual image practicality whereas Power BI element offers various information points to supply information visual image
  • Tableau BI element will handle a large volume of knowledge with higher performance whereas Power BI element will handle a restricted volume of knowledge.
  • Tableau works best once there's a huge information within the cloud however Power Bl does not work higher with an enormous quantity of knowledge
  • Tableau is used by analysts and experienced- users mostly use for their analytics purposes and Power BI is used by both naive and experienced users.
  • Tableau is a little difficult whereas Power BI Interface is very easy to learn.



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